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Spoiler Boruto 71: Eida's betrayal

Eida is predicted to betrayed her companion!

Will she joined Konoha's shinobi???

Chapter 71 is the much awaited chapter by fans of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series.

The reason is, this chapter will be an epic chapter because it will be the last chapter that will appear in the latest manga volume later.

In addition, we will also see how the continuation of the fight between Code against Kawaki and also Boruto.

In the previous chapter, we saw how Eida turned down an offer from Shikamaru to go to Konoha and meet Kawaki.

He already knew what Shikamaru meant by that.

In the midst of their argument, Eida later learned of Kawaki's arrival and asked Code to leave.

Finally, they returned to Boro's lab.

On the other hand, Code finally managed to make Amado release the limiter in his body.

There seems to be a big change in Code's body, where his hair turns white.

In fact, Code's body is now predominantly white.

After the limiter is released, Code tries to kill Amado.

Then, what happened to Amado next?

Spoiler Manga Boruto Chapter 71

Chapter 71 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series is titled “The Bullies.”

In the chapter, it turns out that Daemon unexpectedly moves to stop what Code is doing.

Code himself seemed surprised by what Daemon did.

He then tried to fight back against Daemon.

The fight between Daemon and Code finally happened.

In the fight, Code doesn't seem to use his full power and even decides to disable it.

Even so, the fact is that Code's abilities are not comparable to Daemon's abilities, especially in terms of Taijutsu.

Code seems to always try to hold back and avoid attacks from Daemons.

In fact, in the midst of the fight Daemon had mocked Code.

Spoiler Boruto 71: Eida's betrayal

According to him, Code does seem stronger than Jigen, Naruto, and Sasuke.

However, he was no stronger than the Daemon claiming to be in first place.

Seeing the situation, Code finally decided to withdraw.

Code left the lab using his Claw Marks and dragged Bug away with him.

Before leaving, Code had time to say goodbye to Eida.

Code says that once he becomes a full-fledged Otsutsuki, he will no longer fall under the influence of Eida's power.

And p will again fall under the influence of Eida's power.

And when that happens, Code will find out how he really feels.

Is it a feeling of love or a feeling of wanting to kill him.

Apparently, the reason why Amado later avoided Code's death was because he had negotiated with Eida.

Speculation of Boruto's Manga

It's interesting to see that Eida and Daemon still care about Amado.

In fact, Amado is a figure that Eida hates all this time.

Unfortunately, the spoiler itself does not tell when the negotiations between Amado and Eida took place.

Spoiler Boruto 71: Eida's betrayal

And what then became the agreement of the negotiations.

Did Amado promise to "cure" Eida? Or is there another deal?

On the other hand, this also raises another question whether Amado had predicted this would happen?

With Amado still alive today, it means that he will still have an important role in the future.

And with Eida and Code no longer working together, it means that there is a possibility that he and Kawaki will join forces to defeat Code.

It's also interesting to see what will happen to Eida and Daemon and Amado once they are reunited with the Konoha shinobi.

And of course the fans can't wait to see how the epic battle between Code and Boruto and Kawaki will be, after the limiter is released.


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