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Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Kashimo's Past revealed!

Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Kashimo's Past revealed!

The battle between Kashimo and Hakari has not ended and fans are dying to know the continuation of the battle.

However, However, maybe in the latest chapter we will still not see the continuation of the story.

Preview Manga Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 186

In the previous chapter, it was revealed that the Jackpot in Hakari's Domain Expansion allowed him to gain unlimited access to the cursed energy.

As a result, Hakari was able to recover from all the injuries she suffered. In addition, Hakari also gets a supply of cursed energy and is able to use various powerful curse energies.

Even so, Hakari only had 4 minutes and 11 seconds.

Because of this Hakari was able to overwhelm Kashimo.

In fact, Kashimo could barely do anything to beat or just injure Hakari.

This is because the curse energy or curse technique that Kashimo did against Hakai did not work.

At the end of the chapter, even Hakari reactivated his Domain Expansion.

Spoiler Manga Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 187

Based on spoilers circulating on social media, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 187 begins with the moment where Kashimo finally understands the rules of Hakari's Domain Expansion.

Kashimo tries to attack Hakari in the middle of Hakari's process of getting the Jackpot, but the attack proves to be ineffective.

What happened, Hakari actually got the Jackpot again.

Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Kashimo's Past revealed!

Hakari got the Jackpot by adjusting three numbers (ie 666) and because of this, Hakari was again undefeated for 4 minutes 11 seconds.

Kashimo understood that he had to be able to survive during that time, but on the other hand, this time Kashimo really had the intention to finish off Hakari.

The moment then shifts to a flashback story 400 years ago.

Kenjaku is seen approaching the figure of an old Kashimo who has been injured after a fight.

The body that Kenjaku used at that time was no longer suitable for that era.

Even so, Kenjaku tells Kashimo that there is a very powerful figure who hails from Mutsu (present-day Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture) with truly extraordinary techniques.

Kashimo himself refuses Kenjaku's offer to take him to Mutsu because his location is far from where they are.

On the other hand, Kashimo asked Kenjaku about the strongest Jujutsu mage.

Kenjaku also replied that Sukuna was such a strong figure, but that it happened about 600 years ago.

Kashimo then reveals that he wants to fight Sukuna one day.

And for that, Kashimo then accepted an offer from Kenjaku.

Jujutsu Kaisen Speculation

Based on the spoiler from chapter 187, it confirms that most of the Jujutsu magicians from the past have been reincarnated, and now they live and live in the same era as the Jujutsu magicians of today.

The mage who came from Sendai that Kenjaku was referring to and possessed a technique similar to that of a cannon was none other than Ryu Ishigori.

How Kenjaku then made an offer to Kashimo to face Sukuna, giving a hint that Kashimo was indeed hunting for the strongest mage for him to defeat.

However, whether this was indeed part of his agreement with Kenjaku or for other reasons remains unclear.

Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Kashimo's Past revealed!

How then Kenjaku needs to change bodies also provides another clue that, not always the ideal body can be controlled to the fullest.

It could be that the body has weaknesses, such as not being able to access various curse techniques or something else.

What is also interesting is how then Kashimo plans to finish off Hakari.

With Hakari again getting the Jackpot, it means Hakari will not be defeated for a few minutes. However, we should look forward to what Kashimo will do when the available time runs out and Hakari will return to his original form.

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