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Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Kashimo Hajime True Power


Kashimo vs Hakari

The real battle has just begun

Kinji Hakari is a person who is recognized for his strength by two special class shamans namely Gojo Satoru and Yuta Okkotsu, apart from that recognition his strength is indeed extraordinary.

After Megumi and Itadori managed to convince him, Hakari finally took part in Megumi's plan and together with Panda headed to Tokyo Colony no. 2.

There are two missions that they must complete in Tokyo Colony no. 2, namely finding angels and finding Kashimo who is one of the two people with the highest points during the Culling game.

The first person they met was Kashimo, Panda coincidentally met the person right after he separated from Hakari.

After finding out that Panda is also a player, Kashimo immediately beats Panda without mercy, in the end Panda lost badly with a shattered body.

Before successfully eliminating the panda completely Hakari came and directly fought Kashimo.


At the beginning of the fight Kashimo was very difficult to fight against Hakari who has infinite curse energy, several times he had to receive a crushing attack without being able to retaliate.

Even so, Kashimo won't just lose, if you realize that since Kashimo's first appearance he has never used any other technique other than his electric attack which is sure to hit the target.

His martial arts ability can match his electric technique, only then he can defeat Panda with all three modes that have been activated.

As an experienced shaman from the past, of course he still has a few other techniques as well as Domain Expansion that hasn't been shown at all.

According to my prediction, the next chapter will discuss about Kashimo's past and also the continuation of this battle, most likely Kashimo will also issue his Domain Expansion.

It looks like Hakari will be in a difficult situation in the next chapter, but I don't think Hakari will just die even though he lost after fighting Kashimo.

As I said earlier, he is a character that has been recognized by two special class shamans, it's impossible for him to die instantly even though he only appeared for a short time.

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