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Spoiler Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254: Cooperation

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254: Cooperation

Kakucho agreed to help Takemichi!

Will they be able to defeat Sanzu?

Preview Manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253

Toman is going to lose!

Toman is taking a huge defeat after Hanma came.

Hanma easily beat 4 exhausted Toman elites and made other members worry.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 253

On the other side, the fight between Mikey and Pahchin ended with Pahchin losing consciousness after taking a continuous blow from Mikey.

The battle between Kokonoe - inupi vs Wakasa - Benkei also come to an end.

Most Toman member already lost, even Angry, Smiley and Pehyan confirmed to lose in Mikey's hand in the next chapter.

While the others are falling one another, Takemichi still struggling to beat Kakucho.

However, their power difference is too big and Takemichi is also on the brink of the unconscious.

But on one of his struggle, Takemichi accidentally touch a railway and he got another vision.

All Toman members will die in this battle, and the one who kill them is Sanzu himself.

The horrified Takemichi was shocked with his vision.

Will he able to save all his friend or he will live with regret forever?

We'll see in the next chapter!

Spoiler Manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254

Takemichi's vision

On his vision, takemichi foresee a horrible scene where all of Toman member excluding him died in the final battle.

The one who killed them is Sanzu.

Sanzu hold a huge grudge against Toman and he wanted to kill them all.

First, he operates an abandoned train near that place and the train hits Hakkai, Chifuyu, and Mitsuya who faint on the train track after being defeated by Hanma.

Kantou Manji members hinder other Toman members so they could not save their leaders.

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254: Cooperation
cr: tokyo.revengersindo on instagram

Then Sanzu also knock a few containers and they fall directly to the unconscious Pehyan and Senju.

The containers are heavy enough to kill a lion, so Pehyan and Senju died instantly.

Knowing his plan, Takemichi jump out and ran to find Sanzu and left behind a confused Kakucho.

Kakucho thought that Takemichi wanted to flee so he followed Takemichi.

But Takemichi went to Sanzu's place instead.

Kakucho did not know Sanzu's plan to kill Toman members and he felt shocked when he learn about it.

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254: Cooperation
cr: tokyo.revengersindo on instagram

To stop Sanzu, Kakucho agreed to team up with Takemichi and the next chapter will about the battle between Sanzu vs Takemichi - Kakucho.

Will this duo able to stop Sanzu's plan?

We will know the truth soon!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254 Release Date

The newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers will be released on Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 on Weekly Shounen Jump Official Website.

The English translation for this new chapter will also be released on the same day but delayed a few hours.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 254

Sadly, there is no official translation website that has released the newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers.

But you can buy the official chapter of this manga in website.

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