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Reveal the Latest PV and Release Date of Danmachi Season 4



Season 4 will Tell Arc 4: Labyrinth

Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru or better known as Danmachi is one of the popular fantasy anime among anime fans.

Although many have commented that this anime has a bad storyline and tends to be boring, in fact this anime has received an adaptation until the fourth season.

Judging from the adaptation that reached the fourth season, it has proven that Danmachi is not a bad anime, you certainly already know that an anime will not get a continuation season if no one likes it.

Some time ago, the related parties of this anime production released a new PV along with additional information about the staff and some other information regarding the adaptation of this fourth season.

For those of you who haven't seen the latest PV for this anime, you can directly watch it below:

From the PV we can see the development of the main character, namely Bell Cranel, he really started this story from zero, from being a nobody to being a strong adventurer.

In my opinion, the development of the main character is the main attraction of this series, the change in his attitude is also increasingly felt, which at first was very naive to become more realistic.

In addition to the PV, they also announced several people who will perform the opening and ending songs for this fourth season of Danmachi.

The performing act sajou no hana contributes the opening theme song "Tentō," while Saori Hayami performs the ending theme song "Guide." 

Some of the professional staff who have rejoined the project for the fourth season are Hideki Tachibana as director, Hideki Shirane as series script supervisor, while Shigeki Kimoto is still in charge of character designer.

For the studio itself, it is still held by JC Staff, you could say Danmachi is a mainstay series from JC Staff so they will put all their efforts to make this anime even more great.

The season will premiere on the Tokyo MX channel on July 22 at 25:05 (effectively, July 23 at 1:05 a.m.), and it will also run on the BS11 and AT-X channels, as well as on Abema and other streaming services. 

So let's wait together for the broadcast of this anime and hopefully there won't be any problems so that this anime can air on time

Source: animenewsnetwork

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