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Genshin Impact Guide, All About Character Talents and The Most Efficient to Farming it


Character Talents

One of the Mandatory Things New Players Must Do

Farming is the main activity that you will often do when playing Genshin Impact, without it your character will not get stronger.

There are lots of farming that can be done and one of them is farming character talents material, at first glance this is not important, but the effect will be clearly felt when you have reached a high level.

One of the mistakes that new players often make is not increasing the talents of their characters. As a result, their characters will feel weak even though they are at a high level.

The talents of each character are as important as the stats of the artifacts you use, so try to always balance between farming artifacts and farming character talents material.

For those of you who still don't understand about Character talents, here I will explain a little.

Character Talents


Talents are something that all characters have, Elemental Skills and Elemental Burst are also Talents. So basically Talents are all the abilities that the character has.

Of all the talents that the character has, there are some that can be upgraded so that they can become even stronger.

For example, Keqing has three talents that can be upgraded, namely his normal attack, elemental skill, and elemental burst.

For example, if you increase the talent level of Keqing's normal attacks, the damage from his normal attacks will increase as well.

So the level of your character's talents will affect the character's performance when in battle.

Each character's talents require different materials, and one of the special materials for upgrading is a Character talents material.

This material is shaped like a book or scroll of paper, you can find out which material you need by pressing the upgrade button on each of these talents.


It should also be noted that the domain where this material is farmed is not open every day, but only on certain days, so you have to look at the schedule.


The Most Efficient Way to Farming Character Talents Material

1. Mandatory Daily for Players Who Haven't Unlocked a Gold Artifact Domain.

For players with low AR, farming artifacts is not recommended, because only gold artifacts will be useful later, so it's better for you to farm Character Talents Materials to maximize the talents of your characters.

2. Create a Priority Order of Characters to be Upgraded

Since the domain doesn't open every day, it would be better if you focus on raising one character first in each type of material.

3. Take advantage of the Overflowing Mastery Event and Condensed Resin

By utilizing these two things, you can get more Character talent material.

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