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HoYoWiki Has Released, Get Lots of Information to Develop Your Genshin Impact Game



With Information, Develop the True Strength of Your Character

As an RPG game, information is really needed in playing Genshin Impact, maybe at first you didn't pay much attention to this.

Genshin Impact is not the type of game that is played for a short time, but you really need more effort to be able to enjoy this game.

The longer you play, the more you will understand what I just said. Not only the duration of playing, but your insight in the game will also be very influential.

Just like in the real world, the more information you get, the easier it will be to grow and face many problems. This of course also applies in RPG games like Genshin Impact.

The more information you know, the easier it will be for you to grow and find more effective ways to become stronger.

The developer from Genshin Impact has helped you by providing services such as hoyolab, the existence of hoyolab really helps players to play better.

Recently they also launched a new service which they named Hoyowiki, on Hoyowiki you can find various kinds of information about characters, weapons, artifacts, and enemies that you can fight in the game.


Actually, there are so many similar services that contain information such as characters and weapons from Genshin Impact, but to my knowledge they are not official services from Genshin Impact, but made by fans of this game.

Of the many similar services, of course Hoyowiki has its own advantages, namely that it is an official service and with that Hoyowiki can update information faster.

The developers from Genshin Impact really respect their players, they also invite players to be active in developing Hoyowiki so that the information can be enjoyed by all players.


They assumed that database entry was a long-term construction process, and Hoyowiki improvement itself would not have been possible without the help of the players.

For future versions, Hoyowiki will be openly editable by players from Genshin Impact.

As one of the players of this game, I hope that in the future Hoyowiki can grow, I am sure that with the existence of Hoyowiki the community of this game can be even better.

For those of you who still don't know what Hoyowiki is like, you can visit it by clicking on the following link:


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