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Author of Goblin Slayer Handles the Fantasy Manga from Hololive

Shirakami Fubuki & Ookami Mio

 The Hololive Alternative Story will Continue

Hololive, one of the largest Vtuber agencies in the world, this one agency always has the latest innovations to make the agency grow.

In addition to continuing to add members outside of Japan, Hololive also often creates interesting content to support their Vtuber talents to become increasingly popular.

One of them is the manga content that they make, actually this manga project has been made for a long time but because there are several problems that occurred, this manga finally didn't work.

But some time ago they made the latest announcement that this manga will continue and will be done by a professional mangaka whose work is also phenomenal.

The mangaka is Kosuke Kurose, Kosuke Kurose is the person behind the success of the Goblin Slayer manga, of course you already know how great the Goblin Slayer manga is?

Hololive Manga

With the title Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Phantasia, this manga will be serialized on one of the popular manga websites, Manga Up!

As is well known, chapter 0 of this manga has already been released, but the manga is just a manga uploaded on twitter, different from now which is officially serialized.

For those of you who have never read chapter 0 of this manga, you can directly visit Hololive Alternative Twitter or read it below:

The chapter that has been released on Twitter is also the work of Kosuke Kurose, so it won't be any different from the manga that will be serialized in Manga Up! His writing and drawing style will still be the same.

The manga will have Indonesian and English translations available on the Holonometria World Archive Website.

The translated versions are planned to coincide with the Japanese release, though the manga has not launched on Holonometria yet. 

Given that all members of Hololive have diverse backgrounds such as witches, moon goddesses, zombies, detectives, pirates, and many more.

With so many backgrounds, of course, it can make the storyline in the manga even more interesting.

So let's just wait for the serialization of the manga Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Phantasia and hopefully there won't be any problems so that it can be released on time.

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