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Hiatus for 6 months, it turns out that this VTuber is a victim of human trafficking



She also revealed her bad experience in her livestream

Virtual Youtuber, this profession is indeed popular lately, VTuber has now appeared all over the world.

Because the work tends to be flexible and separate from personal life, this profession is the target of many young people who want to enter the world of entertainment.

In addition to being a figure who entertains their fans, VTubers also often share stories with their fans, their relationship is very close and seems like close friends who share stories with each other.

And recently there was a story that shocked the VTuber world, especially those of VTuber fans in China, the story is a story about a VTuber who has become a victim of human trafficking.

This story comes from Bǎilǐn Porin, this white-haired and cute-looking VTuber is known to be on hiatus for 6 months.

But who would have thought that the reason for her hiatus was terrible, for 6 months she had been kidnapped and sold to someone in a remote village.

Bǎilǐn Porin

She shared the story in a video on bilibili which was then translated into English by some fans on reddit. She told her in full, from when she was first kidnapped until she was rescued by the police.

She was on his way home when she was stopped by a man claiming to be a policeman. After hearing the explanation from the man, Porin got into the man's van.

The man admitted that he was going to take Porin to the police station for questioning, but instead she was taken to a remote village and handed over to a middle-aged woman.

During the approximately six months of living with the woman, Porin often received verbal and physical abuse. The woman also often uses Porin's arm as an ashtray

Porin has repeatedly tried to escape but always failed until one day a policeman recognized her face from the missing persons list and came to save her.

She has no serious injuries, for now she can stream as usual. Porin has made her debut in September 2021, and her last video was uploaded on October 18 2021.

Source: bilibili

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