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Genshin Impact Guide, Review of New Weapons Coming in Version 2.7


New Weapon

Two Bow-Type Weapons Coming in Version 2.7

After experiencing a delay for some time, finally version 2.7 is official and you will be able to play it starting on May 31.

In the latest version there will be some new things as well, such as new weapons and new characters, for the new characters you must already know who, right?

But this time I will not discuss the new character, but two new weapons that will appear in version 2.7.

For those of you who still don't know, in the update version 2.7 there will be two bow-type weapons that will be present, both weapons seem very suitable when used by the new character, Yelan.

Then is this weapon suitable when used by other characters? let's discuss it together.

Aqua Simulacra

Aqua Simulacra

For the first weapon there is the Aqua Simulacra which is a 5-star weapon and of course it will be present on the weapon banner in version 2.7.

This weapon has the largest crit damage substat for the bow type, which is up to 88.2%. With a very high crit damage, it can certainly make it easier for you to build the artifact.

For its effect, this weapon can give the holder an additional HP by a few percent. And if there are enemies around the holder of this weapon, the resulting damage will increase, this effect can be activated even if the holder of the weapon is not in the field.

This weapon is very suitable for Yelan to use, the additional HP really helps Yelan because the damage that Yelan produces is based on the stats of the HP she has.

Considering its crit damage substat and its second effect that can increase damage, I think this weapon can be used by other characters besides Yelan. But for now only Yelan can maximize the full potential of this weapon.

Fading Twilight

Fading Twilight

For the second weapon, there is Fading Twilight, this weapon is a 4-star weapon that you can get for free in version 2.7 later.

This weapon has an energy recharge substat, very suitable for use by characters who rely on elemental bursts. 

This weapon has an effect where every successful attack hits the enemy, it will change modes, each mode can increase the damage produced.This effect can be triggered even if the weapon wielder is not in the field.

Because the effect and how it works is almost similar to Aqua Simulacra, this weapon will also be suitable for use by Yelan or other characters such as Fischl.

So if you want to get Yelan, then I suggest getting the weapons too, and don't forget the free weapons are also very useful for you.

Paman Radon
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