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The Genshin Impact Web Event Journey with a Gentle Breeze has begun! Accompany Klee for a walk and get the Primogem!


Journey with a Gentle Breeze

The Latest Web event from the Game Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, when it comes to updating events, I could say Genshin Impact is the game that is the most diligent in doing it, as one of the players I admit that.

Games with RPG elements often make the players get bored quickly because they often have to repeat many things to strengthen the character being played.

This problem of course also happened to Genshin Impact, not only needed to collect character upgrade materials but also needed to collect other materials for weapons and artifacts.

This boredom will be felt even more when you have reached a high rank adventure, when all of your characters have reached their maximum potential you really have no goal in the game.

To overcome this, the developer from Genshin Impact often updates events, so both old and new players will never get bored playing..

After yesterday's latest event with the name Vibro Crystal Research, now Genshin Impact has opened a new event again but on the web version.

In addition to updating events in the game, Genshin Impact also frequently updates events on the web version, yes, both events certainly benefit players because the prizes are quite large.

The web event this time is titled Journey with a Gentle Breeze which tells about Klee's daily life after the irodori festival is over.

So here you and Albedo will accompany Klee for a walk, every time you go out you can bring some items.

Journey with a gentle breeze

The more expensive the items you bring, the more paintings Albedo will take home. The more paintings you bring, the more prizes you will get.

To be able to buy these items you can use the points that you can get from completing several missions.

Journey with a gentle breeze

In every day you can walk with Klee twice, this number cannot be stacked and will be reset at 04.00. So make sure you don't forget to take Klee for a walk.

It can take some time to wait for Klee and Albedo to come home from sightseeing, during which time the animals will sometimes visit so make sure to check in every time because the animals come with gifts.

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