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Venti Support Build, The Strongest Crowd Control Specialist in Genshin Impact


Venti Support Build

The strongest CC that gathers many enemies at once

Ok this time I will discuss about support build for this anemo archon, 

Venti is one of the characters who has the strongest crowd control in this game. Besides being able to collect an enemy at one point, Venti can also hold them at that point for some time.

Yes, that's why Venti's CC is stronger than Kaedehara Kazuha, but that doesn't mean Kazuha is weaker. They each have advantages and disadvantages.

So which build is best for Venti? What about the weapon?  Without further ado, let's discuss this together. 

Best Weapon for Venti

Best weapon for venti

The first option is Venti's Signature Weapon, Elegy for the End, this weapon has ER sub stats and effects that really support Venti.

This weapon's ER sub-stat helps Venti recharge from his elemental burst, which requires a relatively small amount of energy, 60.

By its effect, this weapon can increase the EM from Venti, and if Venti's Elemental skill or Elemental burst hits an enemy, members of the same party will gain additional EM.

The second option is The Stringless, this weapon has EM sub stats and effects that can increase the damage from Venti's Elemental burst.

For Venti's build support, EM prioritizes, therefore any weapon that has an EM sub stat can be used for Venti.

But if you already have one of the weapons above, then I recommend using one of those weapons.

Best Artifact for Venti

Best artifact for venti

 Venti is all about taking down enemies by using his elemental burst. Considering the relatively long elemental burst, Venti produces a lot of swirls, therefore focusing on Venti's build with EM is a good decision in my opinion.

The more EM that Venti has, the more swirl damage he generates, and to support the power of the swirl, the only good artifact is the Viridescent Venerer.

Besides being able to give 15% anemo damage bonus, this artifact can also increase 60% swirl damage for its 4 set effect.

For sub stats, you can look for CR Rate or CR damage, besides that, try to have an ER sub stat in each artifact

This is so that your Venti can unleash an elemental burst every time the cooldown is up.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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