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Kamisato Ayato DPS Build, Defeat the Enemy with His Super Fast Attack


Kamisato Ayato

One More Character That Relys On Normal Attack Combos

Okay, this time I'm going to talk about the newest character from Genshin Impact, which was just released a while ago, namely Kamisato Ayato.

Yes, this post is quite long. To be honest, I was confused when I saw Ayato's combat mechanism. At first I thought the new artifact would fit the role, but that's not entirely true.

These artifacts still have many drawbacks, so there are other artifact options available for this character. Let's discuss it together!

Best Artifact for Kamisato Ayato

Best artifact for ayato

At first glance, Echoes from the show seem to have a very good effect and of course they are very suitable for Ayato. 

But is it really so?  Let's take a closer look. The effect of 4 sets for this artifact is to increase normal attack damage by 70%.

However, there is a percentage that affects the appearance of that effect, for the initial stage the percentage of occurrence is 36% and continues to increase by 20% every time a normal attack is launched.

Because of this percentage, the resulting damage is unstable. So there are times when Ayato's normal attack can be very high and can be quite low.

There have been many content game creathor discussing the pros and cons of this artifact, one of them is IWinToLose Gaming, he even collected accurate calculation data for this artifact.

Then this artifact will still be good to Ayato? the answer is yes if you don't have 4 sets of Gladiator Finale or Heart of Depth.

Best artifact for ayato

These two artifacts do not do more damage than Echoes of an Offering, but these two artifacts can provide more stable damage.

So if you already have 4 good sets of Gladiator Finale or Heart of Depth then you don't need to farming Echoes of an Offering.

On the other hand, if you don't have a good set between Gladiator Finale and Heart of Depth, then you can farm Echoes of an Offering.

Best Weapon for Kamisato Ayato

Best weapon for Ayato

The first option you can choose is Ayato's signature weapon, Haran Geppaku Futsu, this is the best option so far and if you have more primogem you can do gacha for this weapon.

This weapon can increase the dmg of Ayato's normal attack every time a member of his party casts an elemental skill. This effect can be stacked up to two layers and each layer adds 20% normal attack damage.

Yes, from there, Ayato can get a lot of dmg for his normal attacks, besides the effect of adding elemental dmg bonuses is also very helpful for Ayato.

For the second option, there is The Black Sword, a substat that increases the cr rate and an effect that increases normal attack dmg will greatly support Ayato in battle.

Indeed, the two weapons above cannot be obtained easily, therefore f2p can use other alternative weapons if they do not have the above weapons.

You can use The Flute and Amenoma Kageuchi, both weapons are enough in my opinion.

Paman Radon
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