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Top 7 Female Characters In Tokyo Revengers Loved by Fans

Top 7 Female Characters In Tokyo Revengers Loved by Fans

Tokyo Revengers is one of many famous mangas published by Kodansha.     

The manga begins its serialization on March 2017 and has continued until now.

The popularity of Tokyo Revengers rose after it won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award for Shounen category in 2020.

As a shounen manga, Tokyo Revengers is dominated by male characters.

However, the lack of female characters in the story made every female character that appears special and unique.

Each of them has their own peculiarity that are hard to forget.

From the beginning until the recent chapter, there are only 10 female characters shown in Tokyo Revengers.

We have chosen the best 7 out of 10 that most loved by fans.

7 Female Characters Loved by Fans in Tokyo Revengers

1. Kawaragi (Akashi) Senju

Kawaragi Senju
Kawaragi Senju

Leader of Brahman and one of three deities in Tokyo, Kawaragi Senju is actually a girl!

Leader of Brahman and one of three deities in Tokyo, Kawaragi Senju is actually a girl!

She was first introduced in chapter 212: Battle of Titans

Kawaragi Senju is the youngest sibling of Akashi family.

Her eldest brother, Akashi Takeomi is the former vice leader of Black Dragon and later he joined his little sister as Brahman Vice-president.

Senju also has another brother, named Haruchiyo Sanzu.

Her relationship with Haruchiyo is severe.

Haruchiyo loathed Senju because she destroyed his friendship with Mikey.

Senju is a girl boss and her strength is not falling behind other bosses.

She is in par with Rokuhara Tandai's boss and stronger than other strong characters.

2. Tachibana Hinata

Tachibana Hinata
Tachibana Hinata
The sweetheart of our main protagonist,Takemichi Hanagaki and the central obsession of our main villain, Kisaki Tetta.

Our main her0in3 is the characters that appeared the most on the story aside Senju.

Tachibana Hinata is one of the characters that always support and believed in Takemichi.

She is Takemichi's number one fan and with her an optimistic, strong-willed and outgoing characters he always make Takemichi feel better and more confident in facing all his problems.

3. Sano Emma

Sano Emma
 Sano Emma

Emma is the half-sibling of Sano Manjiro (Mikey).

Emma is a cute and energetic girl who likes to flirt with other men to gain Draken's attention.

She has a big crush on Draken and wanted to become her bride one day.

Sano Emma was first introduced on chapter 9 in the manga and episode 5 in the anime.

Emma holds an important plot in the story but later she died at the hand of Kisaki Tetta.

Emma sudden death is one of the trigger that made Mikey's mental state unstable and easily fallen into darkness.

4. Yuzuha Shiba

Yuzuha Shiba
Yuzuha Shiba

The only daughter in Shiba's family and the sister of Hakkai, Yuzuha Shiba is the mental support for 

Hakkai loves her big sister the most and is willing to do anything for her sister's safety.

The Shiba family lost their parents at a young age, and left Hakkai and Yuzuha in the care of their abusive big brother, Shiba Taijuu.

Even though they live in an abusive environment, with the guidance of Yuzuha, Hakkai grows into a sensible and kind man.

In one of Takemichi's time leaps, he found that Yuzuha was killed by Taijuu Shiba and it made Hakkai lose his mind and became a murderer who killed his own brother.

Then he joined Mikey and became one of the Bonten's captains that feared in the underworld.

However, in the bloody Christmas event, Takemichi managed to solve Taijuu's family matter and saved Yuzuha.

Nowadays, Yuzuha always stands beside Hakkai and supports her little brother and Mitsuya.

5. Akane Inui

Akane Inui
Akane Inui

Akane Inui does not have any relation with Takemichi, but this character has a deep impression in Kokonoe.

Akane Inui is Seishu Inui big sister and Kokonoe had a big crush with her,

Akane had a weak body and she need a lot of money to cure her sickness.

That's reason alone made Kokonoe wanted to earn much money to cure Akane's illness.

Sadly, Kokonoe didn't manage to earn enough money and Akane passed away.

She never showed in the main story arc, but he usually appeared in flashback between Kokonoe and Inui

6. Luna and Mana Mitsuya

Luna and Mana Mitsuya

Luna and Mana Mitsuya are Mitsuya's younger sister.

These two never appear in Toman arc but they has their own role in assisting their brother in the future.

That's all the female characters that have a big impression among fans.

From those beauty above, which one is your favorite?
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