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Is it true that Genshin Impact isn't friendly to new players?


Kamisato Ayaka

 Problem with item upgrades and farm locations

Genshin Impact, for now the popularity of this game seems unbeatable, lots of people play and talk about this game every day.

In addition to providing interesting stories and gameplay to the players, the developer of this game always updates the latest events regularly.

So it's unlikely that a player will stop playing Genshin Impact because they feel bored, They will never feel bored because the updates for the latest events are really fast.

At first glance this game does not seem to have any shortcomings, but there is one thing that can be a big problem in this game.

The main targets hit by the problem were those new players who had just set foot on Tevyat, then what is the problem?

The problem is about the upgrade items that must be collected to strengthen each character, as you already know, the items used to strengthen characters differ from one another.

For example, suppose you are a new player where only Mondstadt you can explore. Then when you do gacha you get Kamisato Ayaka.

From here it can be seen that you can't use Ayaka to its full potential because you can't level up her,

This is very possible because Ayaka's level upgrade items can only be found in Inazuma while you can only explore Mondstadt for now..

Kamisato Ayaka

If it's only in Inazuma, of course you can still catch up by completing the Archon Quest quickly, but what if the upgrade item is in Sumeru? or even in Snezhnaya? surely new players will find it difficult to catch up.

Even though it sounds trivial, this could be a big problem if Genshin Impact has opened up a lot of areas in the future.

With this problem, of course, it can reduce interest in playing new players because they can't maximize the potential of their favorite character just because they can't get the upgrade item because the farm item area is still closed..

In my opinion, to solve this problem the game developer can create new items that can be used to convert items.

The way it works is similar to Dusk of Azoth, so new players don't need to open certain areas first to get an item.

The above opinion is only a fleeting opinion without paying attention to the problems that could arise, so I hope Hoyoverse starts to prepare for this from now on so this problem doesn't arise in the future

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