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Just Aired 1 Episode, Spy x Family Has Reached a High Rating on My Animelist


spy x family

Anya and Loid Forger's Actions Can Break My Animelist's Top Board

Spy x Family, this series is very popular, even long before the anime adaptation was announced this series was very popular.

This manga by Tatsuya Endo tells the story of a professional spy who takes on an important mission whose success affects the future of both countries.

However, this mission is very different from the previous one, where the spy named Twilight/Tasogare is required to have a family to complete this mission.

With a new pseudonym, Loid Forger, he immediately moved quickly and formed his small family which coincidentally consisted of extraordinary people.

The child, Anya Forger, is an esper who can read other people's minds. Meanwhile, his wife, Yor Forger, is a professional assassin who has killed many people.

The light storyline accompanied by stunning action scenes has succeeded in making this one manga popular in many countries.

In addition to highlighting the action element, this series itself also has a unique comedy element in it, which certainly adds to its own charm for this series.

After the premiere episode aired some time ago, there was surprising news that emerged, namely the very high rating of this series on My Animelist.

Yes, with just one episode, Spy x Family was able to get a rating of 9.03 and managed to rank 11.

spy x family

Judging from here, of course, there are many people who are satisfied with this Spy x Family anime adaptation, achieving a rating of 9 and above on My Animelist is not an easy matter.

In my own opinion, from the first episode that has aired it is already good, the graphics presented are ordinary, but somehow I feel more comfortable with it.

The voice actors who play the role are also appropriate, here I can feel the characters from Loid and Anya more.

So I think it's only natural that in this episode of Spy x Family it gets such a high rating, but can this anime maintain its quality? we just wait.

For those of you who want to watch this anime, you can watch it on the Muse Indonesia youtube channel, but keep in mind that on YouTube the broadcast is limited, so don't miss it.

Besides YouTube, you can also watch it on other platforms such as Bstation, Sushiroll, Genflix, Catchplay, and IQiyi.

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