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Genshin Impact Guide, Hues of the Violet Garden Part 2, Theater Mechanicus


theater mechanicus

Genshin Impact Tower Defense Event!

In the second phase, you can play a very exciting activity, the Theater Mechanicus. This activity itself is a tower defense event.

It is said that a mechanic from Liyue came to participate in the irodori festival held in Inazuma.

Of course they brought a lot of new things in theater mechanicus this time, for those of you who want to play it you can chat with Komakata first, she is at Ritou.

After chatting with Komakata you can immediately play this event, in this event it will be divided into several stages which will be opened gradually over several days.

Keep in mind that this event can be a nostalgic event for older players, as it has been held before.

And if you haven't done it yet, you know about this event, so don't worry, let's talk together.

Theater Mechanicus Stage of Briliance

theater mechanicus

Simply put, this event aims to prevent the enemy from reaching their final destination. To achieve this, you can use several mechanisms to stop the enemy.

All you need to do is put the mechanics or tower in place. You need to monitor the stage to make sure the tower is functioning properly.

Each stage has its own enemies and uniqueness, so please read the stage description before you start.

In each stage you can bring some Wondrous Sticks, these items are buff items that you can use at each stage depending on the strategy you use.

When the stage starts you can see the number of existing enemies and monitor the progress of the stage, here your character can also launch elemental skills.

But remember that your elemental skills do not deal damage, but can only generate elemental effects.

theater mechanicus

So it can be used to trigger beneficial elemental reactions such as freeze and melt. So far, I think these two reactions have been very helpful in this event.

The score obtained at the end of the total stage is calculated from the points obtained by defeating various enemies.

Also note that there are elite enemies in each stage. They have high points, but they also have extra resistance, so they are difficult to get rid of.

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