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Genshin Impact Guide, Kamisato Ayato Vaporize Team Comp

Kamisato Ayato

High and Stable Damage Output

Vaporize is one of the strongest elemental reactions in Genshin Impact, it occupies the second position after melt for large damage output.

This reaction is often used in several team compositions such as Hutao Vaporize where Hutao will be paired with Xinqiu so that it can provide large and stable damage.

With the release of Ayato, one of the best strategies other than permafreeze that can be applied to Ayato is vaporize.

Ayato can apply element hydro regularly so that it can be used in various strategies and one of them is vaporize.

Besides being able to be a support for team comps that rely on vaporize, Ayato can also act as a main dps for that strategy.

There are several team compositions that can be applied to this strategy, let's discuss them together.

Kamisato Ayato Vaporize Team Comp

Kamisato Ayato Vaporize Team Comp

Just like the previous team comp, you can still modify the team above according to your playing style. But for those of you who are still confused, you can use the team comp above.

Here Kamisato Ayato acts as onfield DPS, Xianling as off field DPS. Thoma as the Shielder, and Sucrose as the buff giver.

Out of several 4-star pyro characters, Xianling is the strongest character for DPS off field roles, she can give pyro damage periodically with stable damage.

Here I use Thoma to protect Ayato when doing elemental skills, you can also replace Thoma with Benneth to get even more damage.

Sucrose acts to provide a buff in the form of elemental mastery that can increase the damage from the vaporize reaction.

You can also replace Sucrose with Kazuha, with Kazuha you can more easily group the enemies.

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