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1-Shot Manga of Haikyuu Series to be Released this Year



1-Shot Manga Released To Celebrate Series 10 Years

Haikyuu, one of the legendary series for the sports genre, all anime fans in the world must already know this series.

This series tells the story of volleyball at Karasuno High School, all stories start from that high school.

The main attraction of this series is the story tension is very high, everyone who watches the anime will definitely feel the extraordinary tension.

The atmosphere of the match was really well conveyed to the audience, so don't be surprised if you sometimes break out in a cold sweat when the Karasuno team is cornered.

This year's 20th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced that they will be releasing a new 1-shot manga series Haikyuu.

They will release the manga in the magazine's next issue on April 25. It is planned that the manga will contain as many as 19 pages.

The manga which was released as a celebration of 10 years tells the story of Hinata and friends until 2022.


Furudate the author of this series first launched the manga in 2011 and then ended the series in July 2020..

This manga published by Shueisha published all 45 volumes and published the last volume in November 2020.

For the anime adaptation itself, Haikyuu has reached its fourth season, Haikyuu!! To the Top, the fourth season ended in 2020.

For the adaptation of the next season, there is still no definite information, but I think this adaptation will definitely be done someday.

In my opinion, Haikyuu will definitely be adapted until the end of the manga, considering the interesting story and also the fans that many things are very possible.

So let's look forward to the anime adaptation of this series, and for those of you who like to read manga, you can try to get the one shot manga which will be released later..

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