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4 Unique Facts about Kisaki Tetta, the Main Villain in Tokyo Revengers series!

4 Unique Facts about Kisaki Tetta, the Main Villain in Tokyo Reveners series!

Who does not know Kisaki Tetta, the antagonist in the Tokyo Revengers universe and also the main reason for Takamichi going back and forth from the future to the past.

Kisaki is described as a manipulative genius who is very infatuated with Mikey.

With his intelligence, he managed to make those closest to Takamichi live in misery, even though Takamichi had tried to change the future many times, but his efforts always failed because of Kisaki's plans.

Actually who is Kisaki Tetta?

Let's take a closer look at the main villains in the Tokyo Revengers series!

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the manga series that may not yet be released in the anime.

4 unique facts about Kisaki Tetta!

1. A Rich and Genius Geek

The first fact about Kisaki is that he is a genius bookworm.


Yes, our main villain is very fond of learning and with this intelligence, he was able to reach the first rank in his school.

Evidence that Kisaki is a genius can be seen from Hinata's flashback of her middle school days with Kisaki.

In Hinata's memory, he told that Kisaki always got first rank during tests at his tutoring place.

But unfortunately, Kisaki's intelligence was wasted by him.

Instead of being a useful person to the people of Kisaki, he uses his intelligence to manipulate motorcycle gangs and make the lives of many people suffer.

If Kisaki wasn't a genius, he certainly wouldn't be able to devise many plans to kill Hinata and take control of Toman.

That misguided genius, is terrible, isn't it?

But not only a genius, this lucky villain is also the son of a rich man.

This can be seen from the amount of money he spends to solve problems.

Starting from bribing Inui and Kokonoi from Black Dragon to find out where Taiju Shiba is to paying Shuji Hanma to mess up Toman's gang.

All of this was done using money and connections he knew.

That rich genius is indeed very dangerous!

2. Obsessed with Tachibana Hinata

4 Unique Facts about Kisaki Tetta, the Main Villain in Tokyo Revengers series!

One of the surprising things about Kisaki Tetta is his relationship with Tachibana Hinata, the female lead in the Tokyo Revengers series.

Based on Hinata's story, he and Kisaki have known each other since middle school.

Hinata and Kisaki's relationship was established because they were both classmates at a tutoring center.

At that time, Kisaki was just a gloomy nerdy teenager who didn't like talking to anyone.

However, because Hinata often talked to him, Kisaki had a crush on him since then.

They often discuss together while studying until they go home together.

But since the appearance of Takamichi who captured all of Hinata's attention, Kisaki changed and decided to become the greatest delinquent in Tokyo to win back the attention of his idol.

Kisaki's obsession with Tachibana Hinata continued to grow for 10 years, and its peak was when Kisaki managed to become the number 2 person in Toman, he finally proposed to Hinata to be his wife.

But because Hinata still has feelings for Takamichi, Hinata refuses.

This is what causes Hinata to die in the future.

Kisaki who is hurt by Hinata's refusal decides to kill Hinata by making it look like an accident.

This love that has grown for more than 10 years is what makes him obsessed with Hinata and creates a lot of problems later on.

3. Has Hero Complex

Kisaki suffers from a hero complex.

This unique characteristic is shown by how much he wants to be a hero and be recognized by many people.

His obsession with becoming a hero began with overpowering Mikey, Toman's leader.

Kisaki believes that Mikey needs him to make Toman the number one gang in Tokyo.

Without Kisaki, then Mikey will not shine.

That was what Kisaki believed.

It was his crazy thoughts that made Kisaki dare to kill Mikey's most important people such as Draken, Baji, and even Emma.

Kisaki thinks that by eliminating people close to Mikey, he can make Mikey depend on him and secure a position as Mikey's trusted person.

By controlling and making Mikey depend on him, Kisaki can easily dominate Tokyo and be recognized by many people.

4 Unique Facts about Kisaki Tetta, the Main Villain in Tokyo Revengers series!

4. The One Who Made Mikey Lost His Family

Kisaki's obsession with controlling Mikey makes Kisaki clean almost all the closest people who are loved by this Toman leader.

One of them is Draken.

In the past, Kisaki tried to kill Draken through the events of Bloody Halloween, but his attempt failed.

But in the future, Kisaki manages to get rid of Draken from Mikey's side by throwing him into prison.

Besides Draken, Kisaki also managed to kill Baji and throw Kazutora and Pah Cin into prison.

One by one Mikey's friends disappeared because of Kisaki.

In addition, because Kisaki is not satisfied with how much support Mikey still has, he also kills Emma, Mikey's beloved sister and left Mikey alone.

Maybe for this reason, Mikey ended up falling into darkness...

That's all some interesting facts about Kisaki Tetta!

What do you guys think about Kisaki?

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