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Genshin Impact Guide, Kamisato Ayaka DPS Build, The Deadliest Cryo DPS


Kamisato Ayaka

The DPS Character with the Most Stable Damage in Genshin Impact

Kamisato Ayaka, this character is one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact, she is suitable for use in many battle situations, whether it's to complete the Spiral Abyss or just to explore in Tevyat.

In my opinion, until now Ayaka is the best DPS character in Genshin Impact. That's because the damage produced by Ayaka is very stable, it is difficult to compete with other DPS characters.

Besides that, Ayaka is also very easy to build, she doesn't need a fancy weapon, just with a 4-star weapon she can bring out her best potential.

With its Cryo elemental vision, it makes it easier for us to find the artifacts because the cryo element has a very good resonance for DPS characters.

For those of you who are still confused about the DPS build for Kamisato Ayaka, let's discuss it together.

Best Weapon for Kamisato Ayaka

Best Weapon for Kamisato Ayaka

For the choice of weapons there are several options that you can choose from, for the first option you can use Mistsplitter Reforged. This 5-star weapon is perfect for Ayaka to use.

With the Crit Damage substat, this weapon will be very suitable when used by Ayaka whose build focuses on Crit Damage. With this weapon Ayaka can have very high Crit Damage.

The passive of the weapon is very compatible with Ayaka, this weapon can provide bonus elemental damage according to the character element of the weapon user. This can make the Cryo damage that Ayaka produces even greater.

For those of you who have more money, it's mandatory to get this weapon. And for you F2P friends, don't worry, there are other weapon options that Ayaka can use.

For the next option, there is Amenoma Kageuchi, for a 4-star class this weapon could be the best option for Ayaka to use.

As an alternative, you can also use some of these weapons, namely the Primodial Jade Cutter, The Flute, and The Black Sword.

Best Artifact for Kamisato Ayaka

Best artifact for kamisato ayaka

The best option that you can use on Ayaka is 4 pieces Blizzard Strayer, this artifact is indeed very suitable for use by Cryo DPS.

The effect of 4 pieces of this artifact is very good, which can increase the crit rate if you hit an enemy affected by Cryo and it will increase again by 20% if the enemy you hit is freeze.

Only from this artifact you can get a total of 40% crit rate, it can still increase if your team composition has Cryo resonance, in total you can get 55% crit rate.

Therefore, Ayaka's build is focused on finding high Crit damage because the Crit rate is already supported by Cryo artifacts and resonance.

And because of that, the Permafreeze team comp from Ayaka can be very deadly, with permafreeze you can get an additional crit rate of up to 55%.

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