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7 Most Memorable Places in Tokyo Revengers Universe

7 Most Memorable Places in Tokyo Revengers Universe

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular manga in 2021.

This shounen action manga grabs people's hearts with its unique story and interesting fighting scenes.

Manga is not about characters and plot only.

But every aspect in manga contributes to liven the story and make it more appealing.

One of the most important aspects of the manga is setting. 

The setting holds important parts to make the story more memorable and varies from one arc to another.

As for Tokyo Revengers, this manga usually only took place around Tokyo and Shinjuku, and the mangaka also took a great effort to create an interesting arc around these places.

From the first chapter until now, there are 7 most memorable places shown in Tokyo Revengers.

These 7 places are the most important places that become an important witnesses for some arcs.

What are those? Let's check the list below!

7 Most Memorable Places in Tokyo Revengers Universe

1.  Shibuya 

Shibuya is one of the 23 wards of Tokyo.

This ward was controlled by Tokyo Manji Gang, but after the gang disbanded, this ward was claimed by Kantou Manji gang after Mikey formed the gang.

There are a few places in Shibuya that hold important events in Tokyo Revengers.

One of them is Shibuya station where Takemichi meets Tenjiku for the first time.

Shinjuku is also the home to the most important places in Tokyo Revengers such as S.S. Motors, the bike shop owned by Shinichiro Sano (Mikey's brother) which was later renovated to become Draken and Inupi's shop, and the Junkyard where bloody Halloween took place.

2. Manila

Manila Tokyo Revengers

The capital of the Philipines and the place where Takemichi reunites with Manjiro Sano (Mikey) after Toman Masscarates in one of Takemichi's time travel.

This city actually very far from Tokyo but they mention this city a few times during Tenjiku Arc.

This country was rumoured as the home country of Izana's mother and this is also the place where Shinichiro Sano found a good motorcycle for Mikey.

In one of Takemichi's time travel, Naoto mentions that the runaway Mikey was once seen in this city and they flew to Manila to find Mikey.

3. Musashi Shrine

Musashi Shrine

Musashi Shrine, The Headquarters of Tokyo Manji Gang in Tokyo Revengers

Every Tokyo Revengers fans must be familiar with Musashi Shrine.

This Shinto Shrine located in Shibuya is a sacred place for every Tokyo Manji members as this is the place where Toman was founded.

4. Sugoaku


Sugoaku is a ramen shop owned by Angry and Smiley.

After Toman disbanded, this two siblings opened a ramen shop together.

This ramen shop located in Tokyo was decorated to show Angry and Smiley unique Characteristics and it also has good ratings as one of the most delicious ramen shop in Tokyo.

5. XJ Land

XJ Land
XJ Land is a pet shop owned by Chifuyu and where Kazutora works after been released from jail.

6. Yokohama

Yokohama Tokyo Revengers

Yokohama is a city located in the south of Tokyo and was originally controlled by Tenjiku.

Yokohama is also the place where Tenjiku's final battle took place.

7. Shinjuku


Shinjuku is one of the wards in Tokyo that was controlled by Brahman and Moebius.

Shinjuku also appeared at the beginning of the story as the Shinjuku station is the place where Takemichi fall into the railway and experienced time travel at the first time.

Those are the places that hold important events in Tokyo Revengers.

Which places are your favorite?

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