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Hololive Live2D 3.0, Now your Idol can be more interactive


Aki Rosenthal

Now Hololive Talents Can Be More Flexible to Interact with You

Hololive, one of the biggest VTuber agencies in the world, always provides a lot of new things. From time to time they always innovate and continue to grow.

Hololive itself has opened several branches outside of Japan, for now there is Hololive ID in Indonesia and Hololive EN for the UK. 

Previously Hololive also had a branch in China but due to some problems the branch had to be disbanded.

In addition to having many great talents, Hololive also places great emphasis on technological developments to support the existing VTuber talents.

Some time ago Cover Corp announced about the release of an update which they named Hololive Live2D 3.0.

In this update, they added and improved many features in their software that talent can take advantage of when livestreaming.

With this update, talents can be more interactive when doing livestreams. As you know, the movement of VTubers is very limited when doing livestreams.

Usually they will appear with Live2D models from the top of their bodies, from the head to the waist. The movements they can do are also limited, the movements they can do are not very specific.

But in this update, there are a lot of moves that the talents can do, you can watch the video below to find out.

In the video on the twitter post, you can see a variety of new moves that previously couldn't be done by the talents on Hololive.

One of the most impressive is the interaction of the talents with the game console they are currently using. In the video you can see Matsuri using the mouse and keyboard, then Haachama using the joystick.

Besides that, there are lots of special expressions that some characters can do, such as the new ear movement that can be done by Fubuki.

Seeing the very rapid development of VTuber technology, it is not surprising that in the future VTuber can be used in various aspects of life.

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