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Genshin Impact Guide, Hues of the Violet Garden Event Part 1


Hues of the violet garden

  A Long Event with a lot of Stories and Prizes

Ok this time I will discuss about the latest event from Genshin Impact, namely Hues of the Violet Garden.

This event tells of Inazuma's condition after the revocation of the sakkoku decree where in the end Inazuma has reopened himself.

Then at that time a festival called the Irodori festival was held where at this event Inazuma brought in a lot of guests from other countries such as Mondstatd and Liyue.

From poets to painters to writers from Mondstatd and Liyue were invited to this festival. This event will start on April 7, 2022 until April 25, 2022

In part one, I will discuss the gameplay of the moon and stars inscribe, ok then, let's discuss it together

The Moon and Stars Inscribe

The moon and stars inscribe

It is said that there are two poets who come from Inazuma and Mondstatd, they also met in this irodori festival.

Lenne and Ootomo, these two poets agreed to compose a poem together using Inazuma's background as the inspiration.

Well here you will help them both to finish the poem, you only need to take pictures of some objects that they can use as inspiration to make poetry.

To start this mission you can meet the two of them in the western port of Ritou, after talking with them you can immediately start the mission.

The moon and stars inscribe

The mission is quite easy, you only need to take pictures of a few objects according to the direction of the two of them.

For example, on the first day of the mission, they will make directions where you have to take pictures of Inazuma's specialty products.

These products include Sakura bloom, Naku Weed, Sea Ganoderma, Sango Pearl etc. Basically, you have to take four photos of Inazuma's signature products.

The moon and stars inscribe

When taking pictures you can't use a gadget, you have to manually switch to using a mode of shooting.

You can find this mode on the Paimon logo button, only with that mode the photos you take will be counted.

For those of you who are still confused about the object to be photographed, then you can use the interactive map feature in the Hoyolab application, everything is available there.

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