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Team Builds and Recommendations for Lucia: Crimson Abyss Punishing Gray Raven


Lucia crimson abyss

Memory and Team Recommendations for Lucia: Crimson Abyss, OP Guaranteed!

Seeing the characteristics of Lucia who is 100% physical damage and very agile, then there are two build options that you can use, critical build or dodge god build

Critical Build

Critical build

Lucia's basic attack is very lethal, so it can be said that Patton is very compatible with Lucia, Patton can give Lucia extra crit chance and physical damage. 

Darwin's effect is only felt when switching to Blade Will mode, where Darwin can provide up to 15% additional damage.

4 slots for Patton and 2 slots for Darwin, with this build you can get a high critical rate of up to 20% and get additional physical damage of 15% + 15% + 5%.

Dodge God Build

Dodge god build

For beginners, I don't really recommend this build, because this build really relies on your quick reflexes.

4 Frederick and 2 Darwin, this build can give you additional movement speed and also high physical damage.

Frederick's role will be felt if you often dodge and successfully avoid enemy attacks, in addition to providing additional movement speed and physical damage, Frederick can also provide debuffs to enemies.

Just imagine, the enemy is hit by a debuff that makes the damage they receive increase by 15%, then you attack them with blade will mode

To maximize the potential of this build, you have to be really good at dodge, so I don't really recommend this build for beginners.

Team Recommendations for Lucia: Crimson Abyss

Team recommendations

So far there are three names that I can recommend for Lucia's team: Crimson Abyss,  Liv Eclipse, Nanami Storm, and Karenina Blast.

It's obvious to Liv herself, isn't it? even though her tier is B but the potential is very high, besides being able to heal with QTE, her passive skill can increase damage by 10% Physical attack if Liv has reached the SSS tier.

It feels obligatory to use Liv Eclipse tier SSS for the Physical Damage team considering Liv Eclipse itself is also a 100% Physical damage character.

Karenina Blast, I chose this character because her QTE skills are very helpful, she can gather enemies to one point with her QTE.

With that, Lucia just had to clear out all the enemies Karenina had gathered. For Nanami Storm, you can use it to replace Karenina Blast, which is optional depending on who you want to use.

 So far, Nanami is arguably the tank with the best physical damage, so she's a good fit to team up with Lucia: Crimson Abyss. The ultimate can also protect Lucia if for example you are attacking blindly.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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