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Lances, The Strongest Group at Dicanthen in the Manhwa The Beginning After The End

Lances, The Strongest Group at Dicanthen in the Manhwa The Beginning After The End

The Lances are a group of six strongest people from each race at Dicanthen.

The Lances were formed by the king and queen of each race with the aim of uniting the 3 races on the Dicanthem continent and also helping and protecting the royal family.

The Lances were formed from the strongest pair of individuals from each race and each individual was given a special artifact by the king that they received from the Asura nation.

This special artifact could help its possessors grow stronger and help them to reach the white mana core stage.

Each member of the Lances is directly selected by the king of each race and candidates must have at least a silver core.

With cores that are quite high and assisted by artifacts, reaching the white cores is not difficult.

History of Lances

The three races that inhabit Dicanthen namely the human race, elves and dwarves each sent their two strongest people to become part of the Lances.

The six of them served to protect the king and initially this powerful group was not known to the public, because its existence was hidden from the public.

This had been going on for hundreds of years, until the leaders of the three races at this time decided to work together to form the Dicanthem Council and introduce these special forces to the public.

Since ancient times, these special artifact holders have always worked in the shadow and are better known by their code names, but after their existence became known to the public, they were rarely called by pseudonyms and were more often called by their real names.

Lances Member

The six members of the lances consist of 4 women and 2 men who are a combination of the 3 major races that inhabit Dicanthem.

1. Bairon Wykes

Bairon Wykes

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Mana Core: White

Deviant: Lightning

Code Name: Thunderbolt

Bairon Wykes is the representative Lances of the human race.

He who comes from the Wykes family is also the older brother of Lucas Wykes, the same person who often quarreled with Arthur while at Xyrus Academy.

Bairon was also one of the two Lances that the Dicanthem Council had sent to Xyrus Academy to explain the state of emergency due to the virus attacking Dicanthem.

Bairon has a special closeness with his younger brother, Lucas.

So that when Arthur injured his brother, he really hated this former king.

But after the various events they went through together, he began to tolerate Arthur.

2. Varay Aurae

Varay Aurae

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Mana Core: White

Deviant: Ice

Code Name: Zero

Varay Aurae is a Lances that represents the human race and is the strongest member of the Lances.

She has the same elements as Princess Kathlyn and also the queen of Sapin.

The elemental similarities she shares with the princess made her become Kathlyn mentor in the future.

Just like the elements she has, the owner of the code name 'zero' has a cold and mysterious nature on the outside.

But she actually has a warm temper.

3. Alea Triscan

Alea Triscan

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Mana Core: White

Deviant: Unknown

Code Name: Aureate

Alea Triscan was one of the Lances who represented the Elenoir kingdom and was also the first Lances to die when she encountered an intruder from a new continent.

Alea is a diligent character, she spends most of her time training her troops so that they are always ready to protect the king and also against intruders who might harm her beloved Elf kingdom.

As a form of training to strengthen his troops, he often leads his troops to explore level AA beast caves.

On one of his expeditions, he and his army encountered one of the Asura beast clans.

There, he and his troops fought to defeat the beast, but unfortunately, their strength was still not strong enough that Alea and her troops died in the mission.

4. Aya Grephin

Aya Grephin

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Mana Core: White

Deviant: Illusion (Sound)

Code Name: Phantasm

Just like Alea, Aya is a Lances assigned to represent the kingdom of Elenoir.

With her beautiful black hair and pale white skin typical of her elves, she is arguably the most beautiful member of the Lances.

But don't be fooled by her graceful and fragile appearance, because actually, Aya is the meanest member of the Lances.

Even Arthur crowned Aya as the deadliest member of the Lances, because of her ability to attract the attention of the enemy and her sadistic method when torturing her captives with the illusions she had.

This beautiful girl is actually a yandere... =='

5. Olfred Warren

Olfred Warren

Race: Dwarves

Gender: Male

Mana Core: White

Deviant: Magma

Code Name: Balrog

Olfred is the oldest member of the Lances compared to the other members.

As the eldest member, Olfred has a firm, disciplined nature and is also loyal to his king, although he looks kind and crumbly, he can also show his cruel side when dealing with enemies who threaten Dicanthem's peace.

Olfred is a conjurer who controls the earth element, so it's not surprising that we often see him carrying earth everywhere.

Besides mastering the earth element, he is also a magma Deviant, he can control magma freely, create mini golems from magma and even create shields from this hot material.

What's even better, he can fly too!

But unfortunately, this kind Olfred died in the war that would occur in the upcoming chapters of the manhwa The Beginning After The End.

6. Mica Earthborn

Mica Earthborn

Race: Dwarves

Gender: Female

Mana Core: White

Deviant: Gravity

Code Name: Ohmwrecker

Looks can be deceiving, maybe that's the right expression to describe Mica Earthborn.

From the outside, we see Mica as a childish figure who likes to make a fuss, but in fact this cheerful person is already 50 years old!

Maybe it's because of his right-handed nature and looks that make his opponents sometimes take this Lances lightly, but believe me Mica is a descendant of the Earthborn family who is respected in the work of the Dwarves and is one of the descendants of geniuses throughout the history of the Earthborn family.

This is evidenced by his ability to manipulate gravity which is notoriously difficult to master and makes this ability an important element in the war against other kingdom.

7. Arthur Leywin

Arthur Leywin

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Mana Core: Light Orange (now)

Deviants: Lightning, Ice, Gravity

Code Name: Godspell

Arthur is a human, but he was appointed by the King of the kingdom of Elenoir to represent Elenoir as a Lances from elven. He was chosen to replace Alea who died on a mission.

Arthur who mastered these 3 deviants was initially disliked by the other members, but over time, they began to open up to Arhur and admire the ability of this former king.

Because after all, no Deviant is able to master 3 elements at once, especially at the age as young as Arthur.

Maybe this is what makes them admire and respect our protagonist.

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