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Arknight Prelude of Dawn New PV Reveal, Rhodes Island Story has Started



Reveal the Latest Seiyuu Joined in this Anime Project

Arknight, this tower defense based game is one of the most popular games that is very often discussed because of its interesting gameplay and storyline.

For those of you, players from Arknights, of course, you already understand very well how difficult the stages in this game are, you need extra concentration to be able to complete them.

Not only that, the developer of this game also often creates events that can make the players go crazy because of the difficulty level.

Even so, this does not make this game empty of players, the very difficult stage is the hallmark of this game. On the other hand, Arknights also has one other advantage, which is a good storyline.

Arknights provides an extraordinary story where the plot is very unpredictable and often manages to surprise the players.

There are so many topics that they raise in the story, from discrimination to proxy wars, all of which are packaged in an interesting way and of course can make people addicted to following them.

Of course, a lot of players hoped that this game would get an anime adaptation, and it's true that our hopes have finally come true.

Arknights finally got an anime adaptation with the title Arknights: Prelude of Dawn. 

Yostar Pictures will work on this anime with several professional staff such as Yuki Watanaber as director, Masataka Nishikawa as assistant director, and Aya Takafuji as character designer.

Some time ago the related party has launched a new PV for this anime and also revealed a new voice actor who will be joining.

For those of you who haven't seen the PV, you can watch it below:

The newest voice actor to be joined is Takashi Matsuyama, he will play one of the characters who made an impression on the hearts of the Arknights players, namely Ace.

It should also be noted that Acve in the game does not have a voice actor, so specifically in this anime edition he will be able to speak.

This is a good decision considering that Ace's role is very important in the Arkngihts storyline, his sacrifice has succeeded in making many Arknights players feel touched and respect him.

So let's just look forward to the broadcast of this anime series, and hope that there won't be any problems so that this series can air on time

Source: animenewsnetwork

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