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Genshin Impact Lore, The Legend of 5 Kasen and The Fall of Kaedehara Clan


Kaedehara Kazuha

The Fall of the Best Sword Forging Clan in Inazuma

In the latest event, we were introduced to one of the legendary stories from Inazuma, namely the story of 5 Kasen.

The story tells of five great poets in Inazuma, they always dedicate special poems to the shogun, but there was a time when the poets had a great disaster.

In the Irodori Festival, the legend is revived and Albedo is given the task of depicting the five kasen in downtown Ritou.

At first Albedo had difficulty finding inspiration to paint the 5 kasen, but there was a mysterious person who spread a chain of poems describing the 5 kasen.

But it didn't stop there, the chain poem turned out to lead the traveler and his friends to a dark mystery about the fall of the Kaedehara clan.

Curious what the story is like? let's discuss together

The Legend of Five Kasen

The Legend of Five Kasen

In the legend of 5 kasen it is said that one of the poems they dedicated to the Shogun has been lost, the loss of the poem is not without reason.

The disappearance of the poem turned out to have something to do with Akahito, who was one of the kasen who was expelled because his work was considered plagiarized.

And the missing poem is proof that Akahito's accusation of plagiarism is wrong, Akahito has actually been framed.

The culprit of the disappearance of the poem as well as the one who framed Akahito was Kuronushi.

The Fall of Kaedehara Clan

The Kaedehara clan is a well-known clan in Inazuma, under Yashiro Commission. The Kaedehara clan is fully devoted to the Kamisato Clan.

However, this clan suffered a setback until it finally collapsed, for now only Kaedehara Kazuha is known as a member of the Kedehara Clan.

The collapse of the Kaedehara clan was caused by the disappearance of weapons forging masters due to successive failures in making weapons

At first, the failure was thought to be due to the lack of skill of the weapon smiths, so they were afraid and embarrassed by it.

The weapon smiths decided to leave Inazuma because of that, although the leaders of the Kamisato and Kaedehara clans went to prevent them but it was all in vain.

the heads of the Kamisato and Kaedehara clans as well as several samurai have been defeated by the one who was the culprit of the failure of the swordsmith.

That person had forged the parchment of the forged sword, since the head of the kaedehara clan had noticed it then that person finished him off.

This incident was kept under wraps and no one knew about it until the current irodori festival was taking place.

Kamisato Ayato was aware of the oddity of the fall of the kaedehara clan, therefore analogizing the event with the legend of the five kasen and spreading the chain poem.

The message was finally conveyed, and in the end the figure of the culprit behind the fall of the kaedehara clan could be revealed.

The culprit is Scaramouche the Balladeer, he is a member of the fatui. You can see the answer from Albedo's blank painting at Ritou, all you have to do is apply the hydro element to the painting.


The story ends with the reveal of the perpetrator, but even so, there are still many questions that arise. What is the purpose of Scaramouche destroying the kaedehara clan?

To find out, we just have to wait for the next story update, for sure the story given by Genshin Impact never disappoints.

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