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Characters Saved by Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Manga

Characters Saved by Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Manga

Takemichi returns to the past with one important mission, to save Tachibana Hinata.

However, as his friendship with the Toman members grows, Takemichi feels very close to them and gets involved in the conflict between Toman instead.

Since joining Toman, Takemichi became the sole pillar that support Toman mentally. 

Every Toman members like Takemichi and whenever other members have any difficulties, they will go consult with Takemichi.

Takemichi's presence somehow becomes an encouragement for Toman's gang, keeps them sane and made them can solve problems with a cool head.

In addition to maintaining the integrity of Toman's gang, Takemichi's return to the past has saved the lives and future of members of this motorcycle gang.

Who are the characters that our crybaby Hero had saved?

Let's find out together!

Characters that Takamichi saved in Tokyo Revengers

Based on the manga that was published until the day this article was published, there were about 11 characters that Takemichi managed to save through time travel.

Warning: The article below contains spoilers from the Tokyo Revengers Manga which may not have been released in the anime.

1. Tachibana Naoto and Tachibana Hinata

Tachibana Naoto and Tachibana Hinata
The first character that Takemichi managed to save was of course Tachibana Naoto.

During his first time travel, he met Naoto and gave him a glimpse of the future.

His unintentional action finally saves Naoto from a deadly accident in the future and in turns, Naoto could help Takemichi to change the future.

Besides Naoto, Takemichi is finally able to save the life of his beloved girlfriend.

In the 190's chapter. After being killed many times in Kisaki's manipulation, finally Naoto and Takemichi managed to create a future where Hinata survive.

As seen in the recent chapter, Hinata in the future can finally live happily with Takemichi.

2. Hanemiya Kazutora

Hanemiya Kazutora

Kazutora is one of Toman's founding members who serve as Baji's representative from first division.

But he was expelled from Toman and thrown into prison for killing Shinichiro, Mikey's brother.

Kazutora holds a grudge against Mikey finally decides to join Valhalla and attacks Mikey's group.

In the feud between Toman and Valhalla, also known as Bloody Halloween, Kazutora in the past stabbed Keisuke Baji to death.

This is what causes Mikey to lose control and eventually kill Kazutora as well.

But Kazutora's death was averted after Takemichi prevented his deranged leader.

Baji died, but it was because he killed himself.

That's why Mikey could not mad to Kazutora because Baji died of his own free will.

Thanks to Baji and Takemichi's actions, Kazutora's life is saved and after serving his time in prison, he will be able to live like a normal person again.

3. The Shiba Brothers - Shiba Taiju, Shiba Yuzuha, and Shiba Hakkai

Shiba Brothers

In his 3rd or 4th time travel, Takemichi finds out that the Shiba brothers' relationship is not harmonious.

This is caused by the eldest brother in the Shiba family, namely Shiba Taiju who likes to use violence against his younger siblings.

Unable to stand the treatment of his eldest brother, Hakkai finally decides to leave Toman to kill his older brother and save Yuzuha.

But if this is true, then Hakkai in the future will fall into darkness and make Toman become polluted later.

To prevent this, Takemichi and his friends try to stop Hakkai from killing Taiju so he doesn't fall into darkness.

Takemichi and his friends' efforts to prevent Taiju's assassination are successful, Taiju disappears from Yuzuha and Hakkai's lives and finally Hakkai's life returns to peace.

4. Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi Mitsuya

In one of his time travel, Takemichi found out that the captain of the 2nd division Toman has died because of Mikey.

Mikey felt that he could no longer cooperate with him and he decided to kill Mitsuya.

Takemichi who was shocked by this news finally did something to prevent Mitsuya's assasination.

Thanks to Takemichi's efforts, Mitsuya didn't die in the future and he could help Takemichi to save Mikey.

5. Sendo Atsushi

Sendo Atsushi

Atsushi or who is called Akkun by Takemichi is one of our Cry Baby Hero friends.

Atsushi's past life was peaceful, but in the future, he will be controlled by Kisaki as a tool to kill Hinata.

Through his time travel, Takemichi always meets Akkun who is dying after killing Hinata.

In his last breath, Akkun said that the mastermind behind all of Hinata's assasination was Kisaki.

Takemichi could not stand seeing his best friend suffer, so he determined to change the past and create a peaceful future for his friends.

Takamichi's efforts were successful, Kisaki's death proved to have a good impact on the future of his friends.

But what about Mikey's fate?

We're going to find out his fate at the end of the manga.

Will it become a happy ending or sad ending?

Only the mangaka knows.

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