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One Piece: Why is the World Government Afraid of Ancient Robots?

One Piece: Why is the World Government Afraid of Ancient Robots?

The giant robot that Luffy and his group found seems to have a long connection to the World Government and events in the past. 

The robot may have been involved in the destruction of the Ancient Kingdom. 

As you know, the World Government is a combination of 20 kingdoms that united to defeat the Ancient Kingdom 800 years ago.

However, there is no complete information about what caused all that and what actually happened at that time. 

What is clear, the Ancient Kingdom must be destroyed by their attacks. 

Eiichiro Oda himself had promised that he would start revealing various secrets related to the past. 

And maybe the discovery of a giant robot that might be connected to the World Government in the One Piece chapter 1065 series could be the start.

Giant Robot Finding

One Piece: Why is the World Government Afraid of Ancient Robots?

The adventures of Luffy, Bonney, Chopper, and Jinbe still continue in this chapter where they again find something extraordinary in a giant room. 

In the room, there are many relics or other objects that had become the work of Vegapunk which he might consider a failure. 

What was surprising was how they found a giant robot sitting in a corner.

They looked amazed while also surprised by the robot. 

They were amazed to see a giant robot that was actually made of real steel. 

However, on the one hand, they are also confused and wonder how then for something modern or futuristic to look so old and outdated. 

Based on this, it is possible that the robot uses technology from the Ancient Kingdom.

In chapter 1065 itself, Shaka explains to Franky that what they see as modern technology is actually outdated technology. 

What is on Egghead Island and all that advanced technology is actually old technology, where Vegapunk imitates the ancient technology of the Ancient Kingdom. 

The robot is also likely to be a relic or was also used by the Ancient Kingdom.

This may explain why there is rust and it looks so worn and ancient that then emerged from the robot. 

However, there is also another possibility that the robot is a failed creation of Vegapunk. 

As mentioned above, Vegapunk tries to emulate the Ancient Kingdom's technology. 

And this robot may be one of them.

However, from the two possibilities, the speculation that the robot is a relic of the Ancient Kingdom seems much more reasonable. 

This looks at the rust and various other clues, such as what Jinbe said about the mismatch between the technology used and the shape of the robot and what Shaka said.

Oars clone?

One Piece: Why is the World Government Afraid of Ancient Robots?

The robot form that Luffy found in the Vegapunk dump looks very scary, with the horns on his head. 

The robot's enormous size gives the impression that the robot is really very strong and difficult to beat. 

However, if you pay attention to the body shape of the giant robot, it is very similar to Oars.

Oars is one of the giants whose body size is the largest compared to the other giants. 

It was because of his enormous size that he later earned the nickname of the continental carrier/puller. 

Oars is part of one of the tribes of ancient giants, which is why they are much larger than the giants from the island of Elbaf. 

The riddle of Oars itself remains unanswered to this day.

However, it is possible that Oars also played an important role in the past. 

Because they both lived in the past, it could be that the Ancient Kingdom knows and knows Oars. 

And this is the reason why they then made a robot that looks like Oars, because they hoped that the robot could become the protector of the kingdom. 

If this is true, of course it will be very interesting to explore further the connection or relationship between the Ancient Kingdom and Oars.

Worried by the World Government?

One Piece: Why is the World Government Afraid of Ancient Robots?

Assuming that the robot is a creation from the past that uses Ancient Kingdom technology, and how it was created with the hope of being a protector, there is a possibility that the robot has ever fought against the World Government. 

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, 20 kingdoms united 800 years ago and destroyed the Ancient Kingdom. 

And the robot had faced the World Government.

For now, indeed we still don't know how then a kingdom that has high and modern technology can lose to the attacks of 20 kingdoms. 

However, what is certain is that the giant robot may have also been involved in the epic battle. 

The robot may have overwhelmed the World Government alliance troops.

With great difficulty, the World Government managed to defeat the robot and destroy the Ancient Kingdom. 

After everything was done, they decided to then store it in a hidden and unexpected place until now in the hope that no one else would use it. 

And this is probably the reason why the robot was feared by the World Government, because it had become overwhelming.

This could be the inspiration for Vegapunk to create Pacifista and other robots. 

Vegapunk may want to create a robot that is far more perfect than what existed before. 

The appearance of this giant robot seems as if Oda Sensei deliberately brought it into the story to support what Shaka said to Franky. 

And usually, there will be interesting things that then come based on these clues.

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