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Tokyo Revengers: The Second Time Leaper

Tokyo Revengers: The Second Time Leaper

Tokyo Revengers mangaka Ken Wakui confirmed the existence of a second Time Leaper besides Takemichi in chapter 256.

Takemichi was using his divination to foresee Sanzu's attack in the battle on the train.

But when he uses this power, Sanzu looks surprised and asks Is Takemchi also a time traveler?

Sanzu's question brought a big surprise to Tokyo Revengers fans, because although fans were already suspicious about the existence of the second-time leaper, but no one thought that Sanzu was one of the time leapers.

Sanzu is indeed the character who reveals the existence of this second-time leaper, but it turns out he is not the time leaper.

But Hanma it is.

Hanma is the second time leaper??


Here's the explanation!

Hanma is a Time Leaper?

The possibility of Hanma becoming a second time leaper is quite big and the mangaka has also added a few hints about Hanma's existence as a time leaper in the previous arcs.

One of them was before the death of Kisaki Tetta.

Toman's biggest enemy and the person who wanted Hinata Tachibana's death was suspected by Takemichi and Chifuyu as a time leaper.

Takemichi and Chifuyu's suspicions arose because all of their plans were foiled by Kisaki.

In fact, the plan had been carefully prepared by Takemichi by utilizing the information they got from the future.

Tokyo Revengers: The Second Time Leaper

But whatever their plan is, it always fails and led to the same ending which is the death of Hinata and Mikey who are controlled by the dark side.

This made Takemichi and Chifuyu suspicious of the existence of the second Time Leaper, and the first person suspected of being the second time leaper at that time was Kisaki Tetta.

At the end of the Tenjiku arc, Kisaki straightens out that he is not a time leaper and Takemichi's accusations are wrong.

Kisaki died and Hinata finally managed to survive from the death door.

Takemichi who seen a peaceful future became careless and forgot about the existence of the other time leaper.

Until this topic was finally brought up again by Sanzu on the train.

Hanma's Closest People

At first, fans never thought that Hanma was the second time leaper.

They initially thought that this time-jumping power belonged to Kisaki Tetta, and it was this ability that helped Kisaki to mess up with Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers: The Second Time Leaper

But, if we look closely, everyone who is close to Hanma whether Kisaki Tetta or Sanzu, knows about this time-jumping ability.

It was most likely that Hanma himself had told Kisaki and Sanzu about his power.

But, what is the purpose of Hanma's journey to the past??

Hanma's Goal as a Time Leaper

A time leaper has a unique ability, namely, they can travel through time and change the past to get the future they want.

And usually, these time leapers have their own goals to travel time.

Like Takemichi who wants to save Hinata and his friends.

But different from Shuji Hanma.

The reason for Hanma's time travel is unclear.

Even the mangaka hasn't given a definite answer as to why Hanma travels through time, and why he always supports the antagonists in this series.

Tokyo Revengers: The Second Time Leaper

One of the most plausible reasons was that he was bored.

Most likely Hanma is bored with his life and decides to help the person he finds interesting, which is Kisaki Tetta.

At first maybe Hanma was just trying to help Kisaki, but because of the long-time friendship, he finally did his best to help Kisaki get what he wanted.

Even Hanma looks very sad and devastated when he finds out Kisaki was hit by a car.

Tokyo Revengers: The Second Time Leaper

But, is it true that Hanma used his power as a time leaper because he was bored?

Let's wait for the truth in the Tokyo Revengers series!

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