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Naruto: The Most Dangerous Jutsu in Naruto Universe

Naruto: The Most Dangerous Jutsu in Naruto Universe

Kinjutsu or forbidden Jutsu is a concept that has emerged since the beginning of Naruto series. 

This is a ninja technique that, as the name implies, the village forbids its inhabitants to learn or use. 

The rules regarding this prohibition appear after the Era or Wartime is over. 

The goal is none other than to prevent another bloodbath from happening.

The shinobi had seen and experienced how war had a terrible effect on the village and the inhabitants.

Even so, in fact, there are still people or shinobi who are trying or even still able to use Kinjutsu. 

Friends, you may be familiar with some popular forbidden techniques like Edo Tensei or even Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Edo Tensei

However, in fact, there are other Kinjutsu that get less attention from fans. 

And of the many Kinjutsu or Jutsu prohibitions that exist, one technique is considered the most powerful of all. 

Then, what is the most powerful Kinjutsu or forbidden technique?

Most Powerful Kinjutsu

The name of the strongest Kinjutsu is Fury, whose effect is extraordinary and has terrible destructive power. 

This extraordinary technique is the result of the development of the figure of En no Gyoja, the former leader of the Tsuchigumo clan. 

Naruto: The Most Dangerous Jutsu in Naruto Universe

Many consider Fury a forbidden technique that has the greatest destructive power in the history of shinobi.

The Tsuchigumo clan was one of the clans that was quite popular during the era of the third shinobi war.

Unfortunately, their popularity slowly began to disappear over time. 

Because of that, the clan then created a deadly technique to restore their status and glory. 

The Fury technique was so powerful that even the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, had to intervene to stop its power.

In the Naruto series, it is shown how Hiruzen tries to approach the clan leader.

He said he would make Fury a forbidden Jutsu. 

In exchange, the Tsuchigumo clan can stay in Konoha and the Konoha village will provide protection to them from various threats.

Naruto: The Most Dangerous Jutsu in Naruto Universe

Fury is an interesting Jutsu where the user needs to implant a seal on their body or someone, in order for the technique to be used by them. 

Before using it, they had to accumulate enormous amounts of chakra using another technique that no one else could know about and only the Tsuchigumo clan could do it. 

The technique is Tsuchigumo Style: Forbidden Life Technique Release: Creation of Heaven and Earth.

The explosion of this Fury technique was really very powerful, even the effect was able to destroy an entire village very easily. 

The user of the technique will become the center point of the explosion. 

One thing that is extraordinary about using this technique is that although the effects that appear are very destructive and deadly, they will not die from it.

Why Fury Becomes the Strongest Kinjutsu

Since Fury is a technique that can be activated when the user finishes accumulating a large amount of Senjutsu or chakra, if someone else later finds out about this technique they can immediately detonate the technique, even without the user's consent. 

This is the reason why some fans think that Fury is the strongest Kinjutsu in the series.

However, one thing that is important to note about Fury is that this technique does not appear in the manga version. 

In other words, Fury is a Kinjutsu or forbidden technique that only appears in the anime version.

Even so, we can still consider Fury as one of the techniques in the Naruto universe.


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