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My Hero Academia: Characters Predicted to die in MHA Series

My Hero Academia: Characters Predicted to die in MHA Series

The heroes in the My Hero Academia story are currently struggling with all their might against the villains. 

This epic battle of villains and heroes is the closing battle for Kohei Horikoshi's series. 

As you know, now the series has entered the final arc where all the professional heroes in Japan are fighting against all the villains.

At the moment, there are many interesting things happening throughout the fight. 

One of them is how the Big Three of U.A. and Bakugo are trying to face the most terrible villain that is Shigaraki. 

In every battle, there will always be casualties. 

And the fans also speculated which characters might not survive at the end of the story, based on what appeared until chapter 359. 

Then, who are they?

Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki is the number two dangerous villain in the My Hero Academia series besides All For One. 

He is able to use more than one Quirk. 

However, his Quirk, Decay, becomes one of the most dangerous Quirks where he is able to destroy anything he touches. 

Full strength is needed to defeat Shigaraki but attacking Shigaraki is not easy.

However, many fans have speculated that Shigaraki and Tenko Shimura are two different personalities.

The fans believe that there is always a chance to save Tenko Shimura, based on the events in chapter 334. 

The problem then is whether Deku will be able to do it or not. 

Even so, Shigaraki's chance to die at the end of the chapter itself is quite big.

Right now, Shigaraki is facing a bunch of pro heroes at the same time.

More over with the presence of Neito Monoma who able to duplicate Shota Aizawa's Quirk, Eraser.

They could nullify Shigaraki quirk and it makes Shigaraki more approachable.



The condition of this number one hero was not good in the last few chapters. 

In chapter 357, Endeavor manages to use the Prominence Burn technique against All For One.

However, in fact, the technique was not enough to stop the AFO. 

Moreover, the result of using such a high degree quirk made Endeavor lose his arm. 

The wound was very fatal for Endeavor.

What's worse is that currently All For One is still alive, because his new body emerged from the previous body that was burned down by the Endeavor technique. 

Hawks had warned Endeavor to stay away. Even so, there was a lot of speculation beforehand that Endeavor might die. 

Moreover, he feels guilty about his past, especially towards Dabi aka Toya Todoroki.

All For One

All For One

Lastly, All For One will most likely not survive at the end of this final battle. 

Since the heroes will try to stop all threats from the villains, including All For One, then he will always be and will continue to be a major threat to the world if he is still alive. 

For this reason, it is very likely that All For One will not be allowed to survive at the end of the series.

Currently, All For One is still alive where he managed to defeat Hawk and the others. 

Even though he had received consecutive attacks, it still couldn't stop him. 

The figure of AFO will probably be the last opponent faced by all heroes or maybe Deku. 

If this is true, it will be interesting how the battle between Deku and All For One will be interesting.

The death of the characters above is something that is most likely to happen. 

Various things that appear and become clues related to these characters make fans present their various speculations and theories. 

Let's just wait, whether the characters above will not survive at the end of the story. 

Or there will be another surprise that appears.


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