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Jujutsu Kaisen 193: The True Power of Naoya's Cursed Spirit


Naoya's Cursed Spirit

The Incredible Speed ​​of Naoya's Cursed Spirit Perfect Mode

Naoya Zen'in, one of the strongest members of the Zen'in clan who is also the leader of the clan's elite team. This one character relies heavily on his speed in fighting.

During his life he was defeated by Maki and killed by Maki's mother, because of this he is now resurrected as a cursed spirit in the form of a large, terrible worm.

In the last chapter that aired, Naoya's cursed spirit managed to attack Maki, with the speed he had, Maki really didn't move.

From the start he ignored Noritoshi and focused on attacking Maki only, but who would have thought in that chapter Noritoshi decided to help Maki even though he already knew that the cursed spirit he was fighting was very strong.

With his curse technique, Noritoshi deploys several ranged attacks, while hiding in the distance he helps Maki with his arrow attacks.

Noritoshi's arrow attacks were quite slow compared to the speed of Naoya's cursed spirit, but Maki could overcome this by throwing the cursed spirit's body in the direction of the incoming arrow.

The collaboration between Maki and Noritoshi succeeded in making Naoya's cursed spirit cornered and received several fatal attacks, in that condition Naoya did not stay still, he immediately moved and turned himself into a cocoon.

Realizing that Naoya's cursed spirit was about to evolve, Noritoshi immediately deployed his blood piercing attack right at the cocoon, but unfortunately his attack was too late.

In his head Noritoshi started to think, how quickly Naoya's cursed spirit would reach its perfect form, just when thinking about that an attack from Naoya came.


The attack was very fast, Noritoshi didn't have time to dodge because the attack was so fast, he just stayed silent and took the attack directly.

Now that Naoya has reached his perfect form, he has become a cursed spirit with incredible speed. I think he's many times faster than his speed when he was a human.

For the next chapter, it seems that it will be a special chapter for the fight between Maki and Naoya.

For Noritoshi himself, I don't think he will die when he receives this attack, because I think that if Noritoshi was planned to die, his death would be more emotional than this.

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