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Jujutsu Kaisen 193: The End of Kamo Noritoshi


Kamo Noritoshi

Will Kamo Noritoshi Die at the Hands of Naoya's Cursed Spirit?

In the latest chapter we were shown a fierce battle between Maki and the cursed spirit Naoya, from here I began to realize that Noritoshi was nowhere to be seen.

I thought that Noritoshi was running away, but that was wrong, Noritoshi was hiding in the distance and providing assistance with his arrows.

With his curse technique Noritoshi can easily control his arrows to target Naoya's cursed spirit, and from this an interesting fact emerges.

Noritoshi clearly said that he couldn't detect Maki at all, in other words now Maki's figure is like Toji who doesn't have any curse energy at all so he can't be detected.

Kamo Noritoshi

Naoya himself really hates Noritoshi's curse technique, because in the previous fight he almost died by Choso who had the same curse technique as Noritoshi.

Although Noritoshi's attack was quite slow compared to Naoya's speed, Maki was able to make up for this shortcoming by throwing Naoya's body right where Noritoshi's arrow came.

After the arrow hit Naoya, Maki immediately slashed Naoya's body quickly. The combination attack of the two of them heavily hit Naoya.

But one bad thing happened, instead of losing, Naoya's cursed spirit evolved into a more perfect figure.

To prevent this, Maki immediately ordered Noritoshi to attack the evolving Naoya, Noritoshi swiftly took out his blood bag and launched the Piercing Blood Technique.

But it was too late, Naoya managed to evolve, now he has reached his perfect figure. With a quick attack, Naoya immediately attacked Noritoshi.

Due to the tremendous speed, Noritoshi didn't realize the attack was coming so he took the attack fatally, he was thrown far away due to the attack.

The attack was so powerful, I thought that it could kill Noritoshi directly. But I don't think Noritoshi will die right away.

Noritoshi is one of the characters that I think is quite important, if indeed he will be made to die, then his death is not in that way, I think his death will be made even more emotional.

Paman Radon
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