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Genshin Impact vs Tower of Fantasy, Which is the Best Game?


Tower of Fantasy vs Genshin Impact

Yo mina san!

Ok this time I want to discuss the hot duel between the two games that happened recently, yes a new game seems to appear to challenge the most popular big game in the world.

The game is Tower of Fantasy whose arrival seems to challenge the existence of Genshin Impact which is one of the popular games.

The concept of these two games is similar but not the same, Tower of Fantasy carries the MMORPG theme while Genshin Impact is an RPG game.

Ok, before continuing here I will say that this content is purely my personal opinion and certainly does not intend to bring down any party.

So this content aims to make you understand more about these two games even more deeply so that you can determine which is your own version of the best game.

Ok without further ado, let's discuss together.


Ok for the first time I will discuss in terms of graphics, as a game connoisseur, to be honest, the graphics of these two games are equally stunning.

For Tower of Fantasy, the graphics are nice to look at, besides that the graphic setting options are also very diverse so you can adjust it yourself based on your individual tastes.

As for Genshin Impact, the graphics offered tend to be smoother and prioritize small details, you will definitely realize it if you look at the various kinds of environments that exist in each region in Genshin Impact.


Tower of Fantasy

Different in terms of graphics, both of which are the same, here the gameplay offered by the two games is completely different.

Ok first I will discuss the gameplay of Tower of Fantasy, in this game more emphasis on teamwork and high mechanics when fighting.

Given that this game is an MMORPG game, you will often encounter enemies that you cannot defeat alone.

The fighting mechanics in this game are also complex, there are lots of combos that you can use, besides that the battles in this game really rely on dodge.

If you ask why without explaining the length, the answer is because the concept is similar to fighting like Punishing Gray Raven and Honkai Impact.

Compared to Tower of Fantasy, the combat mechanics of Genshin Impact are simpler, in this game you need to make the right combination between the characters you have.

As long as you can dodge enemy attacks and deal enough damage, then everything will work out unlike Tower of Fantasy which needs a more complex strategy because it involves many players.

Speaking of players, because it's not an MMORPG game, Genshin Impact doesn't have many features that can be played by many people at once.

The existing features can only be played by 4 players simultaneously, and there are still not many events that involve many players at the same time.

Genshin Impact


In my opinion, the storyline in the Tower of Fantasy game is not the main attraction of the game.

The story in this game is centered between the conflicts of two factions, namely the Hykros and the Heirs of Aida. After following the story for several parts, to be honest there is nothing special.

My journey in searching for Shirli and Zeke feels normal, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I think the appeal of this game lies in the combat mechanics rather than the storyline.

Different from Tower of Fantasy, the combat mechanics in Genshin Impact are much simpler but the storyline of this game is really complex and very good.

This can be proven by the hype of gamers when the developer released the latest trailer for Genshin Impact.

From some aspects that I have discussed, I hope you can get to know these two games better, and here I can make one conclusion.

These two games are completely different, there is no such thing as plagiarism or anything, the concept is also different, one is an MMORPG and the other is an RPG.

Overall for those of you who like intense battles and like to play with crowds, then I recommend Tower of Fantasy.

And for those of you who prefer to be a solo player and like to enjoy the story of a game, then Genshin Impact can be your choice.

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