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Game Review: Tower of Fantasy, the Latest Game Ready to Compete with the Popularity of Genshin Impact


Tower of Fantasy

The Newest Open World MMORPG Game That Has Many Interesting Features

Yo mina san!

Ok this time I want to talk about one of the games that was just released today, yes that game is Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG game where you can meet a lot of people and of course you can defeat a enemy together.

This game also offers one of the most popular features of gamers, namely the open world, in this game you can freely adventure in a very wide map.

Since its first appearance, this game has been predicted to rival the popularity of Genshin Impact, but is that really true?

Instead of being curious, let's discuss it together.

Tower of Fantasy Gameplay 

Tower of Fantasy

Honestly, as a connoisseur of MMORPG games, I feel a different sensation when playing this game.

Unlike most MMORPG games that look stiff, Tower of Fantasy has a very fresh appearance.

The first thing I want to discuss here is the character, yes like most other MMORPG games, in Tower of Fantasy you can also freely customize your character.

This character customization feature is really interesting because there are so many things that you can create here, you will even be able to meet many players who have successfully cosplayed famous characters with this character customization feature.

Now moving on to the combat system, to be honest, when I fought for the first time in this game I immediately remembered the combat system from the Punishing Gray Raven game.

I will discuss it briefly here because the system itself in my opinion is quite complex, in battle you can carry three weapons at once which of course have different characteristics.

For the enemies themselves, especially mini bosses and bosses, they will have a shield where if you don't destroy this shield first, you will find it increasingly difficult to fight it.

You need to use a shield breaker type weapon to destroy the shield. For more details, I will discuss about the combat mechanics in this game separately.

Tower of Fantasy

Ok now switch to equipment and so on, to be honest here I was confused when I saw weapons and simulacra.

Simulacra is a term for characters that you can get through gacha in this game, well if you get this simulacra then you can use their weapons without the need to play the character.

As I mentioned at the beginning, you can bring 3 weapons at once when playing, now here you can bring some weapons belonging to the simulacra that you have.

So different from Genshin Impact or Punishing Gray Raven where you can switch characters, here you can switch weapons when fighting.

In addition to weapons, you can also get some relics that really help you in playing, relics are equipment that you can carry during exploration and battle.

The relic functions vary, some of which you can use as a glider, surf in the water, or fire missiles at the enemy.

Tower of Fantasy

Ok now moving on to my favorite feature which is gacha, for now there are three kinds of banners available in this game.

To do gacha in each of these banners, you need different items.

In the standard banner you need a gold nucleus, pity in this banner is 80 for a guarantee to get an ssr.

For the limited banner, you need a red nucleus, the pitty in this banner is 80, but every time you do gacha, you will get one item which can later be exchanged for the exclusive characters available in the banner.

In total you need these 120 items to be able to exchange for exclusive characters, so you have to do gacha 120 times to get the exclusive character ssr guarantee on the banner.

And lastly, there is a banner that requires a black nucleus, in this banner it does not have pity, but you can find black nucleus easily while exploring.

Overall, I highly recommend this game for MMORPG game lovers, and for those of you who are still worried about the graphics of this game, don't worry, the graphics are good.

So what are you waiting for? immediately download the game while this game is giving away lots of prizes

Paman Radon
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