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Anime Review: Cue!, The Deep Story of the Lives of Seiyuu



The Story of a New Voiceover Agency with its Talents

Yo mina san!

Lately, of course, you already know about the voice acting drama from the Chainsawman anime, right? many people are disappointed after seeing that the seiyuu in this anime are still relatively new.

There are so many negative comments about this, in essence they are very disappointed because this anime is filled by amateur voice actors, not popular voice actors who have high flying hours.

Seeing this, it reminded me of an anime that just ended some time ago, the anime is titled Cue!.

This anime tells about the lives of the seiyuu complete with all the obstacles and problems they have to face.

I think this anime can be a place to get to know the world of seiyuu more deeply so that the drama that occurs because of the seiyuu of the Chainsawman anime doesn't happen again.

Curious what the anime is like? let's discuss it together.

Cue! Synopsis


 AiRBLUE, this newly formed voice agency, has 16 members, all of these members are newcomers where they enter the world of seiyuu without any experience.

With various motivations, the 16 girls were divided into 4 groups with their own activities.

As a novice voice actor, of course the journey of the 16 girls is not smooth, they often have to face many obstacles.

There was even one group that didn't get a job at all, but even so they all still persisted and continued their work as a seiyuu.

Review Cue!


This anime does not have a main character, that's what I thought when I finished spending 24 episodes of this series.

The main character of this anime series is the AirBLUE agency, yes, it is very strange to call a place a main character.

All the stories in this anime are always centered on the agency, there is no character who is really the center of the story.

They get the same portion, in turn they will be the main character in each episode that runs.

That's why I prefer the agency as the main character because all stories are always centered on the AiRBLUE agency.

A story will be better if the story is closer to reality, and that is really applied in this anime, all the episodes are very realistic.

There are no excessive scenes, all problems are made very realistic, whether it's problems with parents, the economy, etc.

In this anime, it is clearly stated that being a seiyuu is not easy, the talents in this agency have to compete with each other and even with popular seiyuu to get a job.

From here I also learned the fact that the selection of a seiyuu was not purely because of their flying hours or their level of popularity.

They will be chosen to play a character if they can animate the character, the selection is also not kidding, there are many parties involved in it including the author of the work that is being adapted into the anime.

This anime also tells that being a voice actor doesn't have to rely on just being a voice actor, you have to be really creative to survive in that world.

Some become idols, some make radio broadcasts, some go to theater, things that sound unrelated to the seiyuu are done by the characters in this anime who don't get voice jobs.


Slowly this will lead us the audience to understand what it really means to be a seiyuu.

There is one thing that makes me really like this anime, in the last episode the storyline seems to be reversed.

After several episodes we were shown the success of the talents of this agency but in the last episode it was not seen again.

I was shown again the struggle of all of them in working, and some even part-time work in many places to make a living.

Yes, after 24 episodes have passed, the 16 girls are still novice seiyuu with not long flying hours, but there is one thing that has changed from all of them, namely now they have understood the true meaning of being an seiyuu.

Overall I highly recommend this anime for those of you who are looking for a relaxing anime with good conflicts.

For those of you who like idol anime, you can also watch this anime because the idol element in it is also quite thick.

And for those of you who are confused about where to watch this anime, you can watch it for free and legally on Bstation.

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