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Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 261: Takemichi vs Hanma-Mikey!

Hanma come to join the fun!

Will Takemichi be able to defeat Hanma and Mikey?

Preview Manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260 

Benkei-Wakasa lose! Taiju wins the battle!!

The battle between the old and new generations of Black Dragons still continues in this chapter.

The deadly duo Wakasa-Benkei was unable to stop Taiju Shiba and they lost.

At beginning of the fight, Wakasa-Benkei looks superior and they are even able to launch a few attacks on Taiju.

But when Takemichi left, things turned around and Taiju managed to corner the two founders of the Black Dragon until they were forced to cast their deadly moves on Taiju.

Tokyo Revengers 260

Senju who saw this shouted to stop Wakasa-Benkei.

According to Senju, the moves will launch by the Black Dragon duo are very deadly and can make their opponents die instantly.

Taiju heard this, but he did not panic and managed to stop the attacks of the two founders of the Black Dragon.

Wakasa-Benkei had exhausted their strength against the Inupi-coco duo so Taiju could defeat both of them easily.

Tokyo Revengers 260

Now, our focus returns to the battle of the two leaders, Takemichi vs. Mikey.

The deadly battle between two old comrades begins!

Spoiler Manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261

Mikey vs Takemichi

Chapter 261 will revolve around Takemichi and Mikey duel. At the beginning of the chapter, Takemichi looks troubled dodging Mikey's attack.

Other Toman and Kantou Manji members did not dare to interrupt the battle between leader and only watch them on the side.

One of the members who enjoys the battle is Taiju Shiba. 

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 261: Takemichi vs Hanma-Mikey!

After defeating the Wakasa-Benkei duo, Taiju is watching Takemichi and Mikey's battle eagerly.

Maybe the battle is super exciting so he is not aware that Hanma is coming from behind and knocking him out.

Taiju fainted and Hanma continue approaching Mikey and Takemichi.

No one left on Takemchi's side!

Will he be able to face Hanma and Mikey alone??

But who is the figure rushing at the back???

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 is gonna be interesting!

Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 261

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 Release Date

The newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers will be released on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 on Weekly Shounen Jump Official Website.

The English translation for this new chapter will also be released on the same day but delayed a few hours.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 261

Sadly, there is no official translation website that has released the newest chapter for Tokyo Revengers.

But you can buy the official chapter of this manga on website.

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