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Jujutsu Kaisen 190: Maki Zen'in the Monster


Maki Zen'in

The Return of Maki Zen'in

The chapter begins with a great explosion in the ocean, at that time the panda who returned to his small form tried to find Hakari in the middle of the explosion.

But what Panda found was only a piece of someone's left hand, then soon Kashimo managed to get out of the water, his condition was so weak because all his curse energy was completely exhausted.

Kashimo was sure that the explosion had killed Hakari, the explosion he created from electricity in his body which he converted into heat energy, creating a steam bomb.

But once again, Kashimo's conclusion was wrong, Hakari managed to survive it and returned to the surface and landed a heavy blow that managed to make Kashimo collapse.

Hakari had predicted that Kashimo would aim for his arm even if he survived the explosion, so instead of accepting the explosion he would rather sacrifice his arm to make a binding oath where he could protect his entire body.

Kinji Hakari

From here finally an agreement between Kashimo and Hakari was established, for now Kashimo will join Kashimo's team in exchange for Kashimo being able to fight Sukuna later.

Not long ago, Nishimiya from Kyoto Jujutsu High School came to see Hakari to ask if he had got 100 points or not, besides that Nishimiya also explained that Maki had returned.

As is well known, when returning to the Zen'in clan to collect supplies, Maki went through many crazy battles until she finally slaughtered the entire clan herself.

For now he has turned into a monster that can freely enter the colony, for some reason after seeing this I thought of something.

What if Maki becomes the next Toji Zen'in? Toji who is the father of Megumi Fushiguro is a very strong person and even almost killed Gojo Satoru.

If that really happened, then Maki's existence could not be underestimated. On the other hand we can also draw conclusions about the strength of Kinji Hakari.

After seeing the final result of the battle, it can be concluded that Hakari will always get the Jackpot when opening Domain Expansion, therefore I conclude that Hakari is a special class with this ability.

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