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Jujutsu Kaisen 192: Maki vs the Cursed Spirit Naoya


Naoya Zen'in

Resurrected with the Form of a Cursed Spirit

In chapter 191 we are shown the mastermind of the various riots that are happening, namely Kenjaku, now Kenjaku is at the residence of the Kamo clan.

In a very chaotic condition, Noritoshi returned to his residence and instead met Kenjaku, from here he finally learned the fact that he was no longer a member of the Kamo clan.

Kenjaku didn't kill Noritoshi because he thought his existence would not affect his plans, so he ordered Noritoshi to leave immediately.

From here, Noritoshi finally met Maki, the two of them finally moved together and eradicated several cursed spirits that were in the Sakurajima colony.

Here Noritoshi begins to understand that Maki is much stronger than him, it seems what Momo said in chapter 190 is true, now Maki has turned into a monster.

In the middle of the conversation, suddenly a cursed spirit came, the cursed spirit was very large, but unexpectedly its speed was extraordinary.

Regardless of Noritoshi's presence, the cursed spirit immediately attacked Maki blindly. Judging from his speed and target, fans began to assume that the cursed spirit was Naoya.

And the assumption is true, in the final chapter the curse reveals his true identity which is Naoya. With their new powers the two of them will fight once again.


It seems that the next chapter, chapter 192, will show the two of them fighting and also a glimpse of information on how Naoya can rise to become a cursed spirit.

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, a shaman has the possibility to resurrect into a cursed spirit if he dies without a curse technique.

As you have read in chapter 152, Naoya died not because Maki killed, but was killed by Maki's mother using an ordinary kitchen knife.

Since Maki's mother killed her with just an ordinary kitchen knife that didn't contain any curse energy, there was a chance that Naoya would resurrect into a cursed spirit.

This is proven true, now Naoya has risen to become a cursed spirit who is hunting for Maki.

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