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Jujutsu Kaisen 192: Kenjaku's Perfect Plan



Everything is Arranged by Kenjaku

As I predicted, this chapter will discuss the Kamo clan, Noritoshi's clan. And as expected, Kenjaku also had great influence within the Kamo clan.

At the beginning of chapter 191, it was told that Noritoshi was at the residence of the Kamo clan, at that time he met an unexpected figure, namely Kenjaku.

Kenjaku is a very smart person, he has prepared everything in advance perfectly, in this chapter it is also known that Kenjaku also controls the Kamo Clan.

In addition to controlling the Kamo Clan, Kenjaku also controls the higher-ups of Jujutsu so that he can direct an Okkotosu Yuta to become Yuji Itadori's executor.

Kenjaku has also perfectly arranged the seal of Gojo Satoru, he has made a condition where if someone breaks the seal, that person will be considered a criminal.

Realizing this, Noritoshi realized that he would be killed by Kenjaku, but Kenjaku didn't do that. Kenjaku doesn't kill Noritoshi because he thinks Noritoshi's existence will have no effect on his plans.

The panel switches, Maki and Noritoshi are facing a mysterious cursed spirit that seems to be after Maki.

The cursed spirit had the shape of a very large worm, but with its huge shape, the worm could move so fast that even Noritoshi couldn't keep up with its speed.

With incredible speed, the worm attacked Maki blindly, the worm's continuous attacks launched at full speed.

For now, Noritoshi doesn't seem to be able to help Maki because of the creature's speed, after a while the creature begins to show its true existence.

The curse is the embodiment of Naoya Zen'in, he returns with his new form to kill Maki alone.

Naoya vs Maki

It seems that chapter 192 will show the two of them fighting, in the previous fight Naoya lost to Maki and ended in his death, but now he is back with his new form as a cursed spirit.

At first glance, Naoya's strength as a cursed spirit looks very strong, on the other hand Maki has also developed, I estimate that Maki's strength is now approaching or even exceeding Toji's.

Will Naoya and Maki's fight be as epic as Kashimo and Hakari's fight? Let's wait and see.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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