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Jujutsu Kaisen 190: The End of the Great Battle


Kashimo Hajime vs Kinji Hakari

The End of the Great Battle at Tokyo Colony no.2

Tokyo colony no.2, this place is one of the culling games made by Kenjaku, this colony is the most dangerous colony because of the presence of one person.

That person is Kashimo Hajime, Kashimo is a shaman who came from 400 years ago and was able to revive in the culling game thanks to Kenjaku.

The only goal Kashimo has when participating in the culling game is to meet Sukuna and fight against him.

Kashimo is a fighting madman, during his life he continued to look for strong people to fight with until at the end of his life he met Kenjaku in order to fight the strongest person, Sukuna.

But before he could fight Sukuna, he met with Hakari. Hakari itself has a mission to request or forcibly seize the points that have been collected by Kashimo.

Kinji Hakari, a third grade student of Tokyo Jujutsu High School who is currently suspended, he is not a weak person, even Gojo Satoru and Okkotsu Yuta acknowledge his strength.

And this is where the great battle takes place, in my opinion Hakari is the strongest person Kashimo has ever faced in his life. This is evidenced by the length of the fight and also Kashimo's condition which is arguably not fine.

Kashimo Hajime

Kashimo who is the type of shaman who can end a fight quickly becomes overwhelmed by Hakari's curse technique that makes Hakari impossible to kill.

All accurate and fatal attacks from Kashimo do not give much effect, all fatal wounds can be healed immediately or cleverly avoided by Hakari.

Even so, Kashimo finally managed to analyze Hakari's technique and found several times where he could definitely kill him, besides that he had also prepared several plans to overcome Hakari's reverse cursed technique.

On the other hand, Hakari also did not stay silent, since the beginning he had analyzed the mechanism of Kashimo's electrical technique until he managed to find his weakness, namely water.

Now that they are both cornered, they both also managed to find out each other's weaknesses. So it is very likely that in the next chapter the battle between the two of them will end.

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