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Boruto: Without Kurama, This is Naruto's Supreme Jutsu!

Boruto: Without Kurama, This is Naruto's Supreme Jutsu!

In Boruto: naruto Next Generations series, Naruto finally lose Kurama after a though battle against Isshiki. 

He lose Kurama to activate Baryon Mode because it was the only way to defeat Isshiki. 

And after Naruto used his ultimate power, Isshiki finally died. 

Of course, Naruto really misses the figure of Kurama who has been with him for a long time.

Not only loses his best friend, Kurama disappearance means that the Hokage has lost most of his main power to protect the Shinobi world.

But, did you know that Naruto doesn't only have Kurama's power? 

Naruto has several other powers that he can use to the fullest, and of course these powers Naruto can use to protect the world in Boruto's story.

What are those? Let's check together!

1. Otsutsuki Chakra

Otsutsuki Chakra

As we know, the Uzumaki clan is actually a descendant of Asura Otsutsuki. 

Asura himself is the son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki besides Indra Otsutsuki. 

That is, Naruto is part of the Otsutsuki clan. 

And in the fourth great shinobi war, he and Sasuke get additional Six Path chakra from Hagoromo.

Naruto may no longer have tremendous power, but he still has Otsutsuki chakra which is no less powerful than Kurama's chakra power. 

Naruto can use this ability to deal with various other threats, such as the figure of Code. 

We still have to wait for how Naruto will utilize this Otsutsuki chakra in the future.

2. Huge Chakra Storage

Uzumaki Clan

One of the advantages of the Uzumaki clan is that they can have a lot of power or chakra reserves in their bodies. 

We can see this from other Uzumaki figures, such as Nagato, Karin, or even Kushina. 

After giving birth to Naruto, we even see that Kushina still chooses large chakra to be able to stop Kurama and help Minato to seal Kurama.

As a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, Naruto also certainly has this advantage. 

With his abundant chakra reserves, he can fight much longer and stronger. 

The other shinobi might be exhausted in a long fight, but not with Naruto. 

Thus, even though Naruto was no longer getting additional chakra supplies from Kurama, he still had a large chakra reserve.

3. Sage Mode

Sage Mode

Sage Mode is a very special Naruto technique during the fight against Pain. 

Naruto mastered this technique painstakingly on Mount Myoboku for days, under the guidance of the frogs there. 

In his training, Naruto managed to absorb the power of nature which allowed him to access the Sage Mode technique. 

When Naruto uses this technique, all kinds of aspects of Naruto's power will increase.

Although it does have a time limit to activate it, but by using Sage Mode, Naruto managed to defeat all of Pain alone. 

Sage Mode is one of Naruto's strongest strengths at this time and becomes a mainstay when a big enemy appears.

After all, in the previous chapter Naruto stated that his Sage Mode level has now gotten stronger with age.


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