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Download Holocure: Save the Fans! Game Created by Worldwide Hololive Fans



2D Pixel Game with Hololive Feel that's Fun to Play

Hololive, one of the biggest vtuber agencies in the world is very popular now, they already have many members in several branches outside of Japan.

One of the advantages of Hololive is that all the talents they have are great, all of which can be achieved because of the great commitment carried out by the agency and also the very tight selection.

For now, apart from Japan, the Hololive branch itself already exists in Indonesia and also in EN, the popularity of all its branches is also increasing every day.

From its popularity, of course, you can already estimate for yourself, how many hololive fans there are in the world.

In addition to supporting their respective idol vtubers, it turns out that there are some fans who make interesting game projects so that almost all Hololive members play them.

The game is Holocure, this game was made by several Hololive fans led by Kay Yu, this game first released its public demo on June 24, 2022.

Unexpectedly, the response they got was extraordinary, apart from the fans, the members of Hololive also liked this game so much that they played it while they were streaming.

Curious what the game is like? let's discuss together:

Holocure: Save the Fans!

It is said that in 20xx, vtuber talents began to appear, although at first many people didn't care about vtubers, but in the end there were lots of people in the world who became big fans of vtubers.

But not long ago, a demon appeared and took advantage of the fans' love and turned all the fans into mindless monsters.

Therefore, the existing vtubers unite their strength to restore the condition of their fans as before.

Holocure: Save the Fans! Gameplay


With a convincing storyline, this game brings a similar feel to the Vampire Survivors game which has been played by several Hololive members recently.

Here you can play several Hololive characters in 2d to defeat the enemies that keep popping up.

Each character has different skills according to their respective lore or habits.


This game can quickly become popular among hololive fans because of the many references that come from hololive used.

For example, there is an item called Psycho Axe, for hololive fans, they must understand very well that this axe shaped item represents the psychopathic nature of Hoshimachi Suisei.

Then there is Spider Cooking which takes reference from the tarantula dish that Akai Haato had made.

In addition to some of the items above, there are many other items that take references from Hololive. In addition, these items can also be collaborated with each other so that they become new items with greater effects.


Here I get a MiComet item that takes a reference from the name of the duo owned by Hoshimachi Suisei and Sakura Miko.

In today's era, it doesn't feel complete if a game doesn't have a gacha system, in this Holocure of course it also has a gacha system.

In this game you can do character gacha, for now you can do gacha to get characters from Hololive EN Gen 1, Hololive EN Gen 2, and Hololive EN Hope.

Ceres Fauna

To be able to do gacha you need 1000 coins, you can get these coins when playing.

Overall, I highly recommend this game for you, especially for you big Hololive fans, it feels like it's obligatory to play this game.
Download Link Holocure: Save the Fans!

For those of you who have a potato PC, don't worry, this game is very light, the size is not even 100 mb.

So for those of you who want to play, you can download the game directly by clicking the link below:

Holocure: Save the Fans!

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