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Note! Berserk Manga Release Date with New Mangaka



After more than a year since the death of manga creator Kentaro Miura, the Berserk manga has been announced for a June 2022 release with a change of author! Check out the details as follows:

Berserk is a Japanese manga written by the late artist Kentaro Miura. This story was released in 1989 and continues to this day.

Dark fantasy genre, Berserk takes us following in the footsteps of Guts, the man known as the Black Swordsman. Betrayed by his former teammate Griffith, Guts seeks revenge...

Due to Kentaro-sensei's health condition, Berserk had to rest several times. Not only that, the late writer was also very passionate about his ideas, so every picture he made had to be "perfect". The impact of these two reasons makes Berserk older than One Piece, but the number of chapters is only 350 chapters.

On May 6, 2021, author Kentaro Miura suddenly died of an acute aortic dissection. His sudden departure has made Berserk's future more uncertain than ever. Even Berserk's publisher, Hakusensha, couldn't make a decision right away.

After Kentaro-sensei's death, the Publishing House only answered nonchalantly about Berserk as a way to investigate fan reactions.


More than a year after Kentaro Miura's death, Kakusensha's Young Animal magazine office has officially announced the fate of the Berserk manga. Based on support from fans, Berserk will continue to be released but there will be some changes.

In particular, after seeing the appreciation of the loyal fans of Berserk, Young Animal realized that the audience's love for Berserk is immense and this manga deserves a future, better to accept its unfinished fate.

A representative from Young Animal said that they had contacted Kouji Mori, Kentaro Miura's close friend and assistant and also a well-known mangaka in Japan. Kouji-sensei said that Kentaro-sensei told him about Berserk's direction.

Gaga's studio team has also talked a lot with the late writer so that they can now continue Berserk – maybe not exactly what Kentaro-sensei wanted, but at least Berserk's future developments will keep the spirit of this piece alive.

According to Young Animal's announcement, Gaga's studio with the supervision of Kouji Mori will end the last 6 chapters of the Fantasia arc and start a new arc as soon as possible. The Berserk team hopes that Black Swordsman fans will continue to support the manga in the near future.

As planned, Berserk 365 will be published in Young Animal Magazine #13 which will be released on June 24, 2022.

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