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Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Kashimo Hajime Domain Expansion


Kashimo Hajime

The real fight has just begun

In the previous chapter which is chapter 186 we can see Kashimo who is very cornered, all the attacks he deploys have no impact on Hakari.

It wasn't Kashimo's attack that was weak but Hakari's defense which was too strong and indeed impossible to penetrate.

For 4 minutes 11 seconds Hakari will not be harmed, when he is injured he will regenerate directly by activating the reverse cursed technique, besides that he also gets infinite curse energy.

Looking at these conditions, one could say the probability of Kashimo winning was almost 0%, but Kashimo was an experienced shaman from the past.

During the battle until now, we still haven't been shown how Kashimo's Domain Expansion is. There was no chance for him to issue a domain expansion because the people he fought earlier were weak.

Kashimo vs Hakari

Now that his condition has changed, the person he fought against was really strong and was even able to corner him almost to a pulp.

So in my opinion there is no other reason for Kashimo not to release his Domain Expansion, if he really wants to win he will definitely take it out.

If  still use the same plot, then in the next chapter the past of Kashimo will also be told to deepen the character of Kashimo.

Most likely in the past flashback Kashimo will also be told about the cause of his obsession with Sukuna. I think his obsession will also relate to Kenjaku.

Remembering that it was Kenjaku who created the conditions where Kashimo had revived and had slaughtered many people in the Culling Game.

So don't be surprised if the reason for Kashimo's obsession with Sukuna is also caused by Kenjaku in the past.

Then for the winner itself, I think Hakari will still win this fight, and at least if Hakari loses he won't die right away.

Hakari is one of the characters that two special class people trust, and his appearance hasn't been that long either, so I don't think he will die and become a disposable character.

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