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Jujutsu Kaisen 189: Kashimo Hajime's Weakness

Kashimo Hajime

Kashimo Hajime's Weakness Revealed

In chapter 188 it was shown that the fight still continues with repeated conditions, where Kashimo has to face Hakari in his invulnerable mode.

But the fight was different from the fight where Kashimo first saw Hakari's invulnerable mode, this time he really understood what Hakari's invulnerability was like.

He seems to have some plans to kill Hakari even though he is in invulnerable mode, on the other hand Hakari is also trying to find out the mechanism of Kashimo's electric technique.

These two shamans analyze each other, in my own opinion, their abilities are practically comparable, this is evidenced by the length of their battle duration and the many strategies that must be used to defeat each other.

Kashimo's first plan to defeat Hakari was to destroy Hakari's head, this method was the most effective way to overcome the reverse cursed technique, this was also said by Gojo when fighting Toji.

But the plan failed because Hakari carefully avoided the fatal wound and quickly healed the wound on his head swiftly.

The chapter ends with a fatal attack from Kashimo which successfully hits Hakari, in this attack Kashimo really makes the right calculations so that the attack hits Hakari right after the theme song stops.

Ok now moving on to the spoiler part, for those of you who are not comfortable with this I suggest not to continue reading.

Kashimo Hajime

With his dying condition, Hakari managed to open his domain expansion again but after that he immediately fell unconscious.

On the other hand, Kashimo feels that the domain expansion feels different, the rotation of the slot machine is much faster than before. And soon Hakari was back on his feet in a very healthy and fit condition.

Hakari hits the jackpot again, the fight begins again, but it seems Hakari is starting to understand how Kashimo's electric attack technique works.

When Hakari's fistfight managed to throw Kashimo into the sea, the effect of Kashimo's cursed energy which was like electricity came out and flowed due to the nature of water that conducts electricity.

This would continue until Kashimo's curse energy was exhausted or Kashimo stopped the technique, but before that happened Kashimo resumed his plans.

He made a chemical reaction with electricity and produced chlorine to poison Hakari, the effect was immediately felt, Hakari fell into the sea because he smelled the chlorine.

Poison would be very difficult to cure with the reverse cursed technique, Kashimo thought. But unexpectedly Hakari can heal himself from the poison right after falling into the sea.

In response to this, Kashimo immediately issued a technique in the form of an explosion that occurred in the water.

I think the battle between the two of them is very interesting, but it will become boring if the pattern is repeated, maybe here you are already aware of the pattern.

Kashimo was cornered and then retaliated with a trick or technique, Hakari was cornered and then retaliated with his own trick or technique. If it was repeated, this epic battle would become boring.

I think it will be better if in the next chapter their fight is ended, or if you really want to continue, you should use another pattern, maybe by adding more people to the fight, for example Maki comes to help.

That's just my opinion, obviously I'm really looking forward to what the author will give us in the future.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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