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Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Epic Battle, Kinji Hakari vs Kashimo Hajime


Jujutsu kaisen

Old Generation Shaman vs Modern Shaman

Panda and Hakari are tasked with going to Tokyo Colony no. 2 to find the strongest person there who already has more than 100 points and has even added rules in the Culling Game.

That person is Kashimo Hajime, an old generation shaman who is looking for the whereabouts of Sukuna, he even added a new rule in the Culling game to facilitate his goal of finding Sukuna.

His strength is extraordinary, and what is even more terrifying is that his curse technique is sure to hit the target, he can give an electric-based attack to the opponent, and the opponent will not be able to dodge it.

And Panda is one of the unlucky characters who fight Kashimo, even though Panda is not a weak character but the difference in strength with Kashimo is really very high.

Panda really can't do much, he was defeated badly and ended up in a pathetic state, his body was destroyed and only his head was left.

Even though his condition was severe he could still speak, then soon Hakari came to save Panda, and who would have thought Hakari's complicated curse technique could make Kashimo cornered.


At first Kashimo didn't think Hakari was a serious threat, to be honest I think Kashimo looked down on modern shamans.

But the modern shaman named Hakari really beats him, with Hakari's gambling and gaming-based curse techniques manage to inflict multiple attacks on Kashimo.

Even so Kashimo didn't stay still, he also unleashed his signature electric attack, and the technique precisely hit Hakari and managed to cut off one of his arms.

But in an instant the arm was whole again and Hakari launched a counterattack which hit Kashimo heavily.

In the previous fight it was known that Hakari used his Domain Expansion and it seemed that he had hit the jackpot, this gave Hakari a lot of advantages until his fight against Kashimo.

When he hits the jackpot within 4 minutes 11 seconds he will become immortal because the slightest wound will be immediately healed with a reverse cursed technique, then he also gets unlimited curse energy.

Then when the time was up, Hakari launched a final attack on Kashimo, then beside Kashimo who was still staggering he took out his Domain Expansion again.

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