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Traveling to Japan? Watch these 3 Things to Avoid while Using Train in Japan

Traveling to Japan? Watch these 3 Things to Avoid while Using Train in Japan

Japan is a great country to travel to, but it is also one of the strictest countries as it took great importance on rules and manners.

So sometimes, it's hard for travelers to fit in with Japanese mannerisms as they are not familiar with them.

Especially with taking trains, aside from basic rules on getting on off the trains, there are a lot of unspoken rules that people need to follow while riding trains in Japan.

From a bunch of rules in Japanese Trains, here are the top 3 rules that foreigners usually forget while riding a shinkansen in Japan.

3 Things to Avoid while Using Train in japan

3. Standing in front of a Train's Door

Japan's train system is known as the busiest in the world. 

Hundred thousands of Japanese and foreigners relied on this training system to commute all over the country.

When you travel to Japan,  make sure not to stand in front of the train's door.

Some people usually like stand in front of the train's door while riding a train. 

They might think that by being closer to the door, they could go out from the train easily.

But actually, it blocked the door so others are troubled to go in and out. 

In the rush hour especially, when the train is too crowded, you have to step out and in to make room for others to move out, this kind of thing is troublesome and most Japanese hate this kind of people.

So next time, when you are traveling to Japan, make sure you not standing in front of the train's door if you don't want to receive glares from people around.

2. Sitting Inappropriately

When you are sitting on a train, make sure you mind others and do not take too much space while sitting.

Don't spread your legs widely, and don't put your bag on the seat even when the train is empty.

Because you will not know when someone came and need to take a sit.

You could put your bag on your lap or in the compartment above to make more room.

Traveling to Japan? Watch these 3 Things to Avoid while Using Train in Japan

And when you are standing, make sure to put your bag properly so it would not knock others while the train is moving.

Japanese are shy so they could not remind you even though they felt disturbed by your bag. 

1. Talk too Loud

 One of the unspokeable rules on Japanese trains is you need to stay as quiet as possible on trains.

Keep your conversation as minimum as possible and don't call others while riding a train.

If you do so, other passengers or train staff might ask you to stop.

Talking on phone on the train is considered a bad manner and most Japanese avoided taking calls on the train.

So as a traveler who came to enjoy the scenery, it is better to follow these rules to avoid annoyed glare from the Japanese.

Have you followed these rules while traveling to Japan?

Or do you know other rules to avoid on the train?

Leave the information in the comment section below ya!

Watch the detailed information on the video below!

credit: Let's Ask Shogo| Your Japanese Friend in Kyoto

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